Aika Robredo Scandal Video Fake News Or Real? YouTube, Twitter, and, Reddit


WATCH: Is Aika Robredo Scandal Video Fake News or Real? YouTube, Twitter and Reddit: You can’t even imagine how cheap people show up in politics and the same people run into presidential candidate Leni Robredo. Not long ago, a video started circulating on social media, which was reportedly a fake pornographic tape directed at Leni Robredo’s family. The incident caused a huge buzz on the internet and spread on social media. Since this is about the family image of the presidential candidate, it has attracted everyone’s attention there. It has now become a topic of discussion across the town. We’ve come up with the latest developments and updates on this topic, so keep reading this article to the end and find out what the consequences of making this fake video are. Follow for more updates at

Aika Robredo Scandal Video

Leni Robredo, currently serving as vice president, is poised for a tough battle with the opposition in the presidential election, but things have taken a nosedive and it’s gotten worse than before as some of the culprits pass on fakes s*x tapes of members of the Leni family to show their roots. Vice President Leni Robredo’s spokesman Barry Guitierrez said in a news conference Monday that a link to an allegedly obscene video was circulating on Twitter, and our legal team The legal options available to us are being studied.

Aika Robredo Scandal Video Explained

Barry further stated that “the video is maliciously fabricated,” but he did not identify the target of the video. But netizens have begun to speculate about the video and its target. Some users claimed that the looping video was about Lenny’s daughter, Ika Robredo. A spokesperson for the vice president also said that “our legal teams are in contact with the respective platform authorities to remove the video”. Check out the next section for more information on the same title.

Aika Robredo Fake News Debunked

Barry Gutierrez said our people should see it for what it is – distracted from the campaign. He also said it was a clear criminal act. In addition, the vice president took over his Twitter account to handle the matter. “The best response to fake news is the truth, we shouldn’t lose focus from the campaign, that’s how I’ve survived the past 6 years,” he tweeted. Leni’s tweet was also picked up by his daughter Retweeted by Aika Robredo. Keep in touch with us for more information and updates.

Archbishop Lingayen-Dagupan Socrates Villegas advises Aika Robredo, daughter of the Vice-President. He suggested that she should focus on her own strengths rather than sharing unethical videos on social media. He also said that in the link to the fake porn video, she should continue to focus on doing good things. The daughter of Philippine Vice President Ika Robredo is overly active on social media. She used to share very sexy content on her account. Therefore, as the daughter of the vice president, some people think that she should have morals and should not cross the line. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lenny Robredo and Mrs. Jesse Robredo. She completed her studies at Ateneo de Manila University.

Now, she’s in the news thanks to her viral video on social media. She posted a porn video and her account that apparently some viewers didn’t like, one of them being Socrates Villegas. Socrates Villegas shared a long letter on their social media accounts with advice to the vice president’s daughter. He posted a letter on his Facebook account on Monday, April 11, 2022. “Don’t let lies bother you,” he said. “All of us know the truth about your life with decency, humility, service and wisdom. Only a liar would believe his own kind”. He also mentioned: “As for you, focus on good deeds, follow the principles your parents planted in you, and be undisturbed in truth. Also, some Filipinos shared her sex videos on her social media accounts. Some screenshots, and the results of a Google search for her.

Socrates told others not to share this kind of content on social media. Instead, they should just report the video and remove it. He also added that he was sorry to hear about her and the malicious fake video about you. Incredibly, they spread these lies during Holy Week! Those who slandered her apparently had no sense of claiming to be the Lord of the truth. The Dark Prince’s disciple hatched this rotten egg. He advised her not to share such videos. After he gave her advice, she gave no feedback and advice on this comment. It is unclear when she will react to the advice and what will she do?


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