Animal lover, 8, spends £200 to rescue 100 goldfish from fair


An eight-year-old girl rescued more than 100 goldfish from a playground for £200.

Cherry Burton burst into tears when she saw the fish in the plastic bag being given away as a prize.

“It’s not fair, they have little lives of their own and shouldn’t be sold as prizes,” the animal lover said.

She and mum Katie offered to buy it all from the stall owner for £270.

But he accepted £200 – £100 of Cherry pocket money and saved it for a year, on par with Kitty.

The young man left with all the fish and put them in two marshmallow buckets with holes in the lids.

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Cherry and Kitty, 42, found the fish at a Hook-a-Duck stall at the May Queen Fair in Hayfield, Derbyshire.

Cherry, who wants to be a veterinarian, said: “Seeing them like this ruined my day.

“They should be able to swim where they want to go, not in little plastic bags.

“I want to find a good home for them all, but we can also take care of them by putting them in a big pond.

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“I just want to help all the animals I can.”

She has now even started a petition to ban pets as prizes in England and Wales.

Katie, of Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbys, said: “When she saw the little fish in the bag she burst into tears and we couldn’t just leave them.

“I can’t believe they’re still allowed in the playground, it really blows my mind.”

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