Are April Marie and Jake Cunningham Still Together In Real Life?


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Ultimatum: Are April Mary and Jack Cunningham still together in real life? : Recently, a series called The Ultimatum launched on Netflix. The show tells the story of a dating couple who are invited to the show and are given some tasks to prove whether their partner’s love lasts forever. If a couple passes all the tests, then they are in a real relationship. If not, then they must separate them forever. This is the coolest part of this game. Every day, couples are assigned different tasks and they have to perform them in a good or bad mood. Through this show, the truth will now let netizens know whether the couple’s love is real or not. Follow for more updates on

Are April Mary and Jack Cunningham still together?

The series brings some new excitement, some new games, and some new tests that everyone has to play. You can watch every episode of the show that users or newlyweds find interesting on Netflix. Fifty contestants have already participated in the show, with many more to come.

Who are April Mary and Jack Cannigan?

April Marie and Jake Cunningham are the show’s contestants, and they’re a major pair in the media and on the show. During the show, Jack met several people who quickly became friends. He was joined by Rae Williams, who decided to put together the Test Information section of the show. Let us tell you, users, that this is part of the game.

April Mary and Jack Cunningham’s Relationship

Meanwhile, in April, he also met some good people to work with Colby Kissinger. She is also good at making friends and building a strong friendship with him. At some point, April and Colby kiss her on the show while Rae and Jake just watch her move. There will be a lot of scenes in this show, and after the show, there will also be disputes between them.

Many people have announced on the internet that they will be separated forever. However, it is subject to formal confirmation by the owners or judges. It’s unclear whether they will fall in love or break up in the future. As of now, we don’t have any information about the two men. We’re assuming they’re still together and going on with the show.

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