Baby and man are killed in crash after mom crashed in police pursuit


Mother charged with manslaughter after her five-week-old baby was killed in horrific car crash after a man led a police chase when she stole baby formula from a Louisiana Walmart

  • Candance Gill, 38, was admitted to Ouachita Correctional Center in Louisiana on $271,950 bail and charged with two counts of manslaughter
  • She and her boyfriend Edward Williams were reportedly contacted by Walmart security for stealing baby gear
  • They fled the store, took off in a vehicle found speeding on the highway, and crashed
  • Edwards was pronounced dead at the scene and the child was taken to hospital with serious injuries, where he later died
  • Gill managed to flee the scene and was later arrested at a residence on Otis Street

A five-week-old baby and a man have been killed in a horrific car crash, and a mother has led police on a high-speed chase after stealing baby supplies at a Louisiana Walmart.

Shortly after 6pm on Monday, Candance Gill, 38, led a police pursuit that culminated in a two wrecked car chase that killed Edward Williams of Monroe and a five-week-old baby.

Jill and Williams reportedly encountered security guards at Walmart for stealing baby items. When police arrived at the scene, the couple had fled in a car.

Witnesses spotted Gil’s silver Chevrolet Camaro speeding on the highway.

A police report obtained by KNOE said a “police officer pursued and activated his lights and siren, but the vehicle did not stop”.

She reportedly drove on the shoulder of the road and ran several red lights before hitting another vehicle near Highway 165 and Renwick Street.

Gill fled the scene and was later found at a residence on Otis Street. She was enrolled at the Ouachita Correctional Center on a $271,950 bond.

The mother was charged with two counts of manslaughter, four counts of manslaughter, one count of shoplifting, four counts of failing to appear in court, two counts of failing to wear a seat belt and possessing a firearm. According to her booking information, felonies and more.

Candance Gill, 38, who reportedly stole baby products from Walmart and led a police hunt, was taken to Ouachita Correctional Center on $271,950 bail and charged with two counts of manslaughter.It’s unclear what she reportedly stole

Gill (pictured) and Edwards were reportedly approached by Walmart security about the theft, but they fled and escaped in a car before they were spotted speeding on the highway before crashing

Jill’s car hood was seen creaking (pictured) after the severe crash. Gill managed to escape from the crash and was later arrested at a residence on Otis Street.Williams was pronounced dead at the scene, the child died in hospital with serious injuries

Williams was pronounced dead at the scene and the baby was taken to hospital with serious injuries, where he later died.

“The Monroe Police Department believes that the child was not properly restrained in the vehicle prior to the incident,” the police report said.

Two occupants of the other vehicle were reported to be non-life-threatening, police said.

It’s unclear what baby items Gill and Williams stole from the store, but that’s because parents are facing shortages of baby food, with the South being the hardest hit.

New data obtained by shows that parents in Tennessee are the hardest hit by shortages of infant formula, with parents in Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware not far behind.

The scale of the crisis has been revealed by new analysis, which shows that only 43% of countries generally have infant formula supplies available.

In Tennessee, 54% of the state’s regular supply is out of stock, in Delaware it’s 54%, and in Texas it’s 52%.

It could be worse this week as parents panic-buy supplies and more stores sell out.

The occupants of the other vehicle (pictured) are reportedly not life-threatening

The problems started earlier this year when a Michigan factory was found to have violated Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hygiene procedures and four infants were hospitalized and one died after eating tainted formula.

As the shortage continues — and is estimated to last for an entire year — the Louisiana Department of Health advises parents to be careful when randomly selecting alternatives.

Jennifer Nicklas said: “We understand that families will be frustrated if they can’t find the brands their babies are used to, but during this shortage we must focus on providing babies with appropriate alternatives Adequate food is very important,” LDH’s director of nutritional services said in a statement.

‘Families should not substitute cow’s milk, goat’s milk or plant-based milk for infant formula, or water down their formula. Families with questions about other alternatives should contact their pediatrician.

The department also advises against stockpiling baby food, keeping only 10-day supplies and not making homemade formula because it doesn’t contain the nutrients babies need.

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