‘Beautiful’ girl, 16, ‘raped, shot in head and dumped in garden by Putin’s butchers amid horrors of Bucha ‘genocide’


A “beautiful” Ukrainian teen was raped and shot in the back of the head by a Russian butcher of pure evil, according to her friend.

Karina Yershova’s body was found mercilessly dumped in the garden as war crimes ravaged Bucha.

The harrowing discovery is the latest in a series of sickening horrors that world leaders say has suffered a genocide in the town.

Olesya Vasylets, a friend of Yershova’s mother, shared the girl’s brutal fate on Facebook.

She wrote: “My friends, terrible news. A racist killed my friend’s daughter Karina Yersova. The pain is horrific.

“She was teased, raped and then shot in the trash. Today my mum found out she had been killed and set up a help group.

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“Please help me bury her, I have known this child for many years and taught her English, she is a very bright and talented girl.”

Yershova went missing early last month, and on March 10, her mother took to social media for information “to help me find my daughter.”

In her heartbreaking final plea, she added: “I really want help, thank you.”

Earlier this month, more than 400 bodies were found in Butcha after Moscow’s fallen troops withdrew from the outskirts of Kyiv.

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Evil soldiers continue to ruthlessly rape and murder civilians – leaving their mutilated corpses to rot and devoured by street dogs.

Dozens of bodies were later found by satellites scattered across the streets.

The bodies were then thrown into shallow mass graves in the town that were described as trenches.

The brutality witnessed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was quickly seen as one of the worst atrocities ever committed in the war.

Responding to the horrors in the commuter town, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the scene “doesn’t look lacking in genocide”.

A report by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) accused Russia of “clear violations of international humanitarian law” in Ukraine.

If Moscow complied with its international obligations following the Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine, “civilian casualties would remain much lower,” the report said.

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The heartbreaking discovery comes after a slew of brutal reports from within Ukraine that Russian troops used rape as a tool of war.

A chilling phone call between a Russian soldier and his wife was intercepted after she was heard allowing her husband to rape a Ukrainian woman.

In the harrowing clip, she begs the lower life to “use protection” and doesn’t tell her about it when he gets home.

Another disgusting report also heard of a mum who was allegedly kidnapped and raped by Chechen soldiers for days before her throat was slit.

While a report said a 24-year-old Russian soldier was arrested after filming himself raping a baby, he later posted the video online.

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Another intercepted call between a commander and an unidentified woman also revealed how “three tank crews” of Putin’s army “raped a girl” – believed to be 16.

Rape has become so common in Ukraine that young girls cut their hair short to avoid being raped by predatory Russian butchers.

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