BGMI Creator Brutally Assaulted Attack Video Goes Viral


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Paras official card popularity: BGMI creator brutal attack video goes viral: We all know the importance of social media in today’s world. In fact, in this day and age, we are nothing without the internet or social media. The platform has been used to share views among viewers. To be sure, the viral content on social media is absolutely true, and may be entirely rumors. So it all depends on the audience watching the viral content. Viewers have to decide the clarity behind the viral content. Follow for more updates on

Paras official carding popularity

So sometimes people have to pay to share their opinions on social media because they are the BGMI community content creators. Recently, a piece of news went viral on the Internet that a content creator in a BGMI community was beaten by someone just for sharing his views on social media.Pallas official attack video

Paras Official, a well-known content creator in the BGMI community, was recently beaten by 8 men for raising the topic of illicitly gaining popularity in Battlegrounds Mobile India. According to a short video that went viral online, he was attacked by seven to eight men who entered his residence and beat him with sticks and other objects.

So in this world, where we talk about human fundamentals, 8 men beat up a guy just because he objected to something. These guys don’t usually hit him, but they hit him with a lot of things, like the stick on his residence.

Pallas official attack live video

Paras Official has recently reached 800,000 subscribers on YouTube and most recently. He has spoken out against the use of grooming to get BGMI’s popularity ratings. Popularity ranking system, the most popular players can get higher rankings. But sharing opinions on the ranking system, Pallas had to pay for it.

He shared that popularity can be gained by getting gifts from other accounts. According to the content, creator players are using an illegal method called cards to gift themselves massive popularity ratings through the gifting options available.

In this world, humans have the ability to express their feelings without hurting anyone. This is his fundamental right. If we don’t like someone’s thoughts, it doesn’t mean we have the right to hurt him cruelly. You can’t oppose him, but don’t hurt him unethically. These 8 people should be punished and they should be ashamed of their actions.

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