Brazil Model 9 Wives Faces Divorce from One of Them


Brazilian Type 9 wife facing divorce from one of them: A Brazilian model who has struck a bond with new and different women is now waiting in line after his decision to divorce one of them. And this news about him is circulating on the Internet, and many of his fans are keen to get more details about him. So let’s not delay any longer and get to the article below. Follow for more updates

Brazilian Type 9 Wife Divorce

Since the model was really surprised and shocked by the woman’s decision. He made headlines last year after marrying eight other women to “celebrate free love” and “protest monogamy”, and he also spoke out against Luana Kazaki.

Of his nine wives, one of his wives, Agatha, wants a divorce because she “misses monogamy,” Ursey told the news agency. She also stammered: “She wants me to be alone and those things don’t make any sense at all, we have to share things. Her words and the way she behaved towards me made me very sad, this separation made me very sad sad.”

Urso also issued a statement saying, “Agatha has a bad nature and a problem with her attitude. She married me just for fun, and she has no real feelings for this marriage.”

My other wife told me the same about her.

Brazilian Model Instagram:-

He has 50,000 followers on Instagram, posting about his unconventional relationship. He also added in the statement: “I know I lost her, but I will not replace her now.”

He has a dream to have 100 wives in his life, which he also wants to fulfill as soon as possible, but now his wife is divorcing him. He also said that he has the same respect and love for all his wives. One model also said that her love for each other is the same.

It’s the first time he’s been so shocked because one of his wives is looking for him and she’s about to divorce him, so last month a Congolese man married triplets on the same day.


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