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Chelsea have ‘real issue’ as ‘completely inappropriate’ text messages exposed

Chelsea are right to sack Damian Willoughby after ‘totally inappropriate’ text messages to a female financial agent came to light.

This is the opinion of financial guru Kieran Maguire, dedicated to Football Insider About the former commercial director who has been on the job for less than a month.

This telegraph It was reported on Wednesday (September 21) that Willoughby had been sacked for sexual harassment after information he gave to Katarina King before he arrived at Stamford Bridge came to light.

Chelsea, who took new ownership following the takeover of Todd Boley in May, insist Willoughby’s behaviour is contrary to the club’s values.

The West Londoner was the subject of a New York Times report earlier this year that detailed a toxic culture in their marketing department.

Maguire implored the head of the club to do everything in his power to root out any seeds of misconduct behind the scenes.

“Chelsea are doing a lot of things right here,” He says Football Insider Adam Williams.

“These words are totally inappropriate. Unfortunately, I think it still represents the athlete culture that exists in football clubs.

“They’re male-dominated. When there’s too much testosterone in too small an area, there’s a Wolf of Wall Street mentality.

“This is a real problem that football clubs need to address if they want to be taken seriously and become multimillion-dollar businesses that embrace all people.”

In other news, pundits back Chelsea for a new signing with Manchester City as details of £35m emerge.

Kieran Maguire: Man City can now ‘quietly handle’ controversial sponsorship deal

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