Chika Ike And Okezie Ikpeazu Relationship Complete Story Explained


Chika Ike and Okezie Ikpeazu Relationship Full Story Explained, #Chika #Ike #Okezie #Ikpeazu #Relationship #Complete #Story #Explained Welcome to 50 Mind BlogHere is our latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

Chika Ike and Okezie Ikpeazu Relationship Full Story Explained: A message has gone viral on social media of famous Nollywood actress Chika Like, who is in a romantic relationship with the governor of Abia. The news has spread following claims made by the Enugu governor’s ex-wife, Clara Chime. According to journalist Jackson Ude, the governor would rather squander his concubine than rebuild the country. Follow for more updates on

Chika Ike and Okezie Ikpeazu relationship

The reporter also said that Chika lKe’s new car was funded by the former president. Reporter Jackson said the governor has been dating the actress and former governor’s wife for some time. He also said that anyone who wants to defend the trio should show evidence because he has receipts.

The reporter also added that while former governor Okzilke Pezu won’t pay his wages or fix the dilapidated state of Abia, he will have actress Chikel, who recently bought a brand new Range Rover. The country’s resources are put into the barrels of the gram. and Clara, the ex-wife of Governor Enugu.

Chika Ike and Okezie Ikpeazu Relationship Story

It is shocking that the former governor had sex with two women at the same time. He distributed cash gifts to both of them through an Okechukwu Crowe at UBA Bank in Umuahia. While Ms. lke enjoys frequent cash flow, Clara gets juicy contracts through agency. They both enjoyed the position. In effect, they were taking advantage of his position.

This is very shocking to everyone, who got the news that the former governor had sex with two women at the same time, very disgusting, how could a governor do such a thing. The news went viral on the Internet, and the former governor was widely criticized by the public. It’s unbelievable how he will handle relationships with two women, including one of his wives.

This isn’t the first time a Nollywood actress’ name has been added to a politician. Before that, she had ties to politicians. As a Nollywood actress, she likes to keep a low profile and spend millions of naira on her new mount, an autobiography of a Range Rover. A friend of the actress gushed through the interior of the car as she typed her.

She wrote that ‘Omo!!! X 1000, this car louuuuuuuuddd! Congratulations to your girlfriend for being proud of you.”

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