Couples Should Learn To Treat Each Other With Respect & Love – Simi’s Mother Speaks On Marriage


Couples should learn to treat each other with respect and love – Simi’s mother talks about marriage, #Couples #Learn #Treat #Respect #Love #Simis #Mother #Speaks #Marriage Welcome to 5 0 Mind BlogHere is our latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

Simi and mom

Simi and her mom

The mother of a Nigerian singer, Simi tweeted her thoughts on the institution of marriage.

She told her followers not to repeat the adage that husbands need respect and wives need love.

She said everyone, male or female, needs love and respect. She then advises people to treat their spouses the way they want to be treated.

she tweeted: “Please let us stop this voice that husbands need respect and wives need love. Tell me about someone who doesn’t need respect and love from his/her spouse. Let all couples learn to respect and love each other. Don’t give your spouse you unacceptable things.


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