Daddy Freeze Advises Christians, Reveals Cause Of Broken Marriages


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Controversial media personality Frazi’s dad says the devil shouldn’t be blamed for ruining a marriage.

He said this in response to a post by reality TV star Ka3na, which accused the devil of recently sabotaging a marriage.

According to her, everyone should remain unmarried because the devil is working overtime and using his influence to destroy marriages.

But Frieze’s dad responded that the broken marriage was the result of flaws and personal mistakes, not the devil.

According to him, the devil did not destroy any marriages in the Bible, so Christians should stop the blame game.

His post reads: “Dear K3na and Nigerian Christians. The devil does not destroy a marriage; the devil does not destroy a marriage in the entire bible, read for yourself to verify.

“So, please let us stop blaming the devil for our personal mistakes and shortcomings.”

Celebrity marriages have been going through a crisis of late, which has reverberated online.

In March, Justin Dean and Korra Obidi announced plans to divorce over alleged manipulative and narcissistic behavior after they welcomed their second child.

In less than 24 hours, Nkechi Blessing’s marriage to husband Opeyemi Falegan also fell apart after husband announced he could no longer be associated with ‘lesbians’

Since then, Nkechi Blessing has revealed some secrets on social media, accusing her ex of poor performance in bed, etc.

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