DETAILS: Who Is Melanie Inglessis? Amber’s Former Makeup Artist Was Summoned In The Johnny Depp Headbutt Case!


Details: Who is Melanie Ingleses? Amber’s ex-makeup artist is summoned to the Johnny Depp Headbutt Case! , #DETAILS #Melanie #Inglessis #Ambers #Makeup #Artist #Summoned #Johnny #Depp #Headbutt #Case Welcome to OLASMEDIA TV NewsThis is what we have for you today:

It looks like the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case will have a new addition to it after many have made statements and shed light on the case from their perspective, now Heard is in the midst of dragging another potential client in On the fringes of the case, she is now her own ex-makeup artist. If you are interested in this case, please continue reading this article. Amber has now pulled another card by introducing her former makeup artist. Melanie Inglessis, who used to work for Amber, made certain statements in the case, and she has some interesting facts to offer the case in Amber’s favor. Melanie says she helped Amber cover up her bruise, follow our website for the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Who is Melanie Ingleses?

Injured once when she was her makeup artist. On May 18, 2022, Melanie came forward and said she helped Amber hide her bruise from a fight with Depp. She also said she helped Amber cover her broken lips and bruised face in December 2015. She said she wouldn’t put any color on Amber’s face before, but because of the bruises, she had to apply corrector on her face. Melanie explained that they covered her face with a heavy concealer and peach undertone corrector, which she said she didn’t use on Amber’s face.

But to hide the bruises under her eyes, she put on heavy makeup. Heard said in a statement that she was pulled over during the altercation and hit hard before she moved into the home of her then-friend, advertising makeup artist Melanie. Melanie was then summoned and she said the same thing, she saw Amber had bruises on her face and had to put on heavy makeup because she had to be late to the James Corden show. Melanie said she didn’t notice any bruises on her face before that day,

But when she went the day after the altercation, she found Amber with bruises under her eyes. She said she had heavy bruises under her eyes and had to cover them for the show. However, Melanie also said she had never encountered Depp being angry or abusive to Amber before or at any time when she was with Amber. On the other hand, Johnny said the actress tried to slander him. In many cases, Depp is believed to be right that many of his contracts were fired as he was sued multiple times by Amber. The case is still ongoing and it is now up to the judge to make the right decision.

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