Does Samuel Die In Elite season 5? ending explained


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Will Samuel die in Elite season 5? Ending explanation: For fans of Elite Season 5, the wait is finally over. Season 5 of the series finally airs on Netflix with arguably the most stunning finale in Elite history. Season 5 picks up where Season 4 left off. Armando’s disappearance still weighs heavily on all Las Encinas students, especially Rebecca and Samuel, who know exactly what happened to him. Not to mention, two new students, Isadora (played by Valentina Zenere) and Ivan (played by Andre Lamogila), join the school and quickly get caught up in the ongoing drama. Follow for more updates on

Will Samuel die in Elite season 5?

In Elite Season 5 Episode 1, we see an apparent corpse dripping blood in a pool, and we didn’t know it was Samuel until Episode 4. Over the course of the season, we’ll learn exactly what directly affected his eventual fall into the pool face down, who was responsible for it, and whether Samuel was actually dead, or if he had a chance of being alive.

Midway through the season, Armando’s body was found. Guzm├ín is of course responsible, but Rebecca and Samuel intend to rescue him, making them and the entire Blanco family suspects. Benjamin then convinced Samuel to admit that he swore to him that he would pay the best lawyers to rescue him and give him a prosperous future.

Elite Season 5 Who Killed Samuel?

Samuel informs Rebecca of the police proposal, and with Cayetana’s help, they plan to expose Benjamin together. Kaye uses her cleaner’s key to find evidence in Benjamin’s office. Meanwhile, Samuel and Rebe go to dinner with Benjamin. Rebe searches Mencia for Armando’s SIM card. Meanwhile, Samuel distracts Benjamin.

Caye was arrested and fired as a cleaner. Although Rebe successfully got the SIM card. Samuel is suspicious of turning it over to the police and meets Benjamin at his home. He decides to accept a deal from the police, and Benjamin attacks him. He knocked Sam down. Sam’s head splits on the edge of the pool and he falls into the pool, unconscious.

Elite Season 5 Is Samuel Dead?

Patrick then found Benjamin terrified. He tried to call an ambulance but Benjamin told him it was an accident and tried to get Patrick to help him and cover it up. They rescued Samuel from the pool, and Samuel was surprisingly sober. Rebe, Ari, Omar and Mencia then arrive and realize what Benjamin has done, Mencia calls her own father’s police.

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