Election 2022 LIVE updates: PM to champion regional jobs in Tasmania; Albanese defends JobSeeker decision as campaigns continue across the nation


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  • Labour’s decision to shelve possible jobseeker improvements, labelled ‘disappointing’
  • Morrison pledges support for forestry workers in Tasmanian election campaign
  • This morning’s headlines at a glance

Labour’s decision to shelve possible jobseeker improvements, labelled ‘disappointing’

The charity founder, who spent several Christmases with Labour leader Anthony Albanese serving lunch to vulnerable people, said he was disappointed the party had no plans to bring job seekers to the election.

Pastor Bill Crews of the Exodus Foundation, which supports vulnerable people in Sydney, said Albanese’s history as the son of a single mother raised in public housing meant he should know more.

Labour leader Anthony Albanese with Pastor Bill Cruise at Christmas 2019.cedit:James Brickwood

“[Labor’s policy] Means people who are struggling will continue to struggle and we will have more work. It’s disappointing,” Cruise said.

Labor, which will contest the May 21 election, has also angered welfare groups with its policy of offering single people without children a $642.70 fortnightly JobSeeker payment.

While Labour’s social services spokeswoman Linda Burney said in June 2020 that the previous $40-a-day rate was too low and the party promised to raise it, by February 2021 she will The door has been left open to withdraw from the pay raise after the election. The federal government has increased payments by $50 every two weeks.

More on this issue here.

Morrison pledges support for forestry workers in Tasmanian election campaign

The forestry sector will receive $219.5 million in federal funding to produce more wood products in Australia and build a major research centre in Launceston as Prime Minister Scott Morrison travels to Tasmania today Run for marginal seats.

The policy will be a key message from the government on Thursday as part of a wider outreach to voters in regional seats, hoping to gain a foothold and potentially take seats from Labour outside the capital cities.

Scott Morrison will today announce a forestry-focused funding package to appeal to regional Tasmanian voters.cedit:James Brickwood

Morrison will launch a forestry programme in northern Tasmania that will include a $100 million investment in the creation of the National Forest Products Innovation Institute in Launceston and five smaller ‘Excellence’ in other parts of the country. center”.

The policy targets a large industry in the constituency of Bath, which includes Launceston, which is held by Liberal backbencher Bridget Archer on a profit margin of just 0.4 per cent – making it a the most marginal seats in the government.

Read the full story here.

This morning’s headlines at a glance

Good morning and thanks for your company.

It’s Thursday, April 14th.I’m Brod Carmody I’ll be hosting our live coverage for the first half of the day.

Here’s what you need to know before we start.

  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison will run from Tasmania today. He is visiting Australia’s southernmost state to announce a multi-million dollar forestry package.as David Crow The policy is reportedly aimed at saving seats like Bath, which the government holds by just 0.4%.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Energy Minister Angus Taylor campaigned in Victoria yesterday.cedit:James Brickwood

  • Meanwhile, those working with vulnerable groups said they were disappointed Labor’s decision to delay raising JobSeeker’s wages. Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese said there would be no changes to the payments in Labor’s first budget if it wins the May 21 election.

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese and his deputy Richard Marles. cedit:Alex Erlinghausen

  • Unemployment data released today is expected to show the national unemployment rate slipping below 4% in March. The Prime Minister is expected to use the announcement as evidence that the Union economic policy is working.

People protested low interest rates paid by job seekers outside Parliament House last month. cedit:Dominic Lorimer

  • The Greens continue to call for an expansion of health insurance. Their latest pitch is the inclusion of gender-affirming surgery on Medicare. Earlier this week, the Greens said they would lobby for free dental care for all if they maintained the balance of power after the election.

Green Party leader Adam Bant. cedit:Alex Erlinghausen

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