Encomiums As Durojaiye Okodu Bows Out Of NCC


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Last Friday, April 8, 2022, NCC staff gathered in the magnificent auditorium of the annexe building of the Council’s headquarters in the Abu Jambora district to commemorate Durojaiye Anthony Okodu, also known as “Baba Naira” because of his Bow to mandatory retirement age at 60 on arrival at NCC and after 28 years of service.
Okodu is an unusually calm, friendly, stylish and very considerate staff member of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). A person without negative emotions, but he expresses himself with the grace of an uncle. His physical features are marked by a special gait that matches his physique. A naturally tall man with no excess fat that allows him to move quickly and with authority. Importantly, Okodu’s humble and amiable personality easily endears him to everyone.

Okudu started his career with the Commission in July 1994 as a cashier transferred from the former Ministry of Communications, where he was headhunted by Felicia Onwuegbuchulam, the former Director of the Commission. Since then, he has worked his way up the ranks, eventually retiring as the lead manager of the NCC program.

In a well-attended farewell ceremony, Okudu staff, friends and well-wishers flooded with warm tributes to the man who could aptly be described as among the people. Many are nostalgic and poignant, while others are happy, optimistic, and introspective, believing that Okodu will thrive in the next phase of his life.

NCC’s program director, Iyabode Solanke, who was Okodu’s last director before retirement, was also Okodu’s department director when they both worked in the committee’s financial services division, and in her remarks, he also praised the retiree’s dedication Spirit. Because of his dress code and excellent work ethic, she said it was worth emulating. Sholanke was represented by the department’s deputy director, Philip Eretan, who also attended the graduation ceremony as a friend of Okodu.

Likewise, NCC Regional Operations Director Amina Shehu stated in her kind message that in every interaction she had with Okodu, she observed his excellent qualities, such as empathy, kindness, and gentleness. She added that everything he did was consistent.

Praise Durojaiye Okodu quit NCC

For NCC Director of Public Affairs Dr. Ikechukwu Adinde, who also attended the graduation ceremony, it would be easy for anyone to be impressed by Okodu’s dedication, which has become a hallmark of Okodu’s outings and career on the committee. Addinde said that not only was Okodu there when he was most needed, he also displayed emotional intelligence from time to time, and he never lost his temper, no matter the level of provocation. “I was also impressed by Okodu’s social networking skills, which allowed him to stay in touch with every employee,” Adinde emphasizes.

Commission Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Director Ephraim Nwokonnya recalls the qualities Okodu exhibited that were unique when he had the opportunity to work with Okodu in Commission Financial Services.

Nwokonnaya said when he was assigned to the committee’s financial services department as lead manager, he worked closely with Okodu, which is characterized by enthusiasm and energy. He said Okodu is very efficient and easy to be liked by everyone. Nwokonnaya encouraged him to see retirement as a time of rejuvenation, reflection and prosperity.

Praise Durojaiye Okodu quit NCC

Olatokunbo Oyeleye, Deputy Director of the Commission’s New Media and Information Security Department, Okodu’s long-term partner and friend, was clearly delighted with Okodu’s proper retirement, saying Okodu made her start at the Commission a wonderful experience. For Oyeleye, Okodu was more than a colleague, “he was a brother,” she said, recalling gratefully when she joined the committee as a recent graduate, “Okodu and his wife took me in, put me under their wings”.

Hafsat Lawal, head of consumer policy development and monitoring, highlighted Okudu’s humanitarian side, claiming Okudu was a mentor and friend in need. “He’s dependable, he shows a high level of understanding in everything, and he goes out of his way to make sure everyone is comfortable,” LaVar said.

Former staff of the committee were also not excluded from the celebrations. Among those who attended and praised Okodu were Felicia Onwuegbuchulam, who retired from NCC’s Director of Consumer Affairs two years ago, and Abubakar Yakubu, the former Director of the Commission, who voluntarily retired in 2019.

Praise Durojaiye Okodu quit NCC

Onwuegbuchulam, a well-known friend and confidant of Okodu who influenced Okodu to join the committee 28 years ago, said she did not regret recommending Okodu to committee management at the time. She said she was pleased that Okodu had not only had a uneven career on the committee, but excelled.

Yakubu praised Okodu’s dedication to the committee in his kind message to the farewell program read on his behalf. He claims that Okodu is one of the few employees who works long hours, even from home. He added that Okodu’s commitment and tireless efforts to carry out its assigned responsibilities have been comprehensive and spectacular.

Praise Durojaiye Okodu quit NCC

Okudu concluded his speech, thanking the audience and all who paid tribute to him with their presence and kind words. Reflecting on the occasion with philosophical calm and gratitude to God, Okodu said every beginning must end, but he thanked God for the privilege of witnessing his retirement day alive. While delighted with all the kind messages he received, he charged the young employees who were about to take the baton to work hard. He also suggested that committees can thrive only if staff work consistently and are loyal and dedicated to the committee.

Other contributors to the event included Ajoke Atte, Director of Procurement; Solomon Igbayue, Assistant Director of Policy Competition and Economic Analysis; Emeka Nnama, Senior Manager, Regional Operations; Anthony Bassey, Senior Manager of Administration, all of the committee staff praised Okodu’s unique Virtue and dedication to the wishes of the committee. They both wish Okodu an elegant and happy life in retirement.

Praise Durojaiye Okodu quit NCC

Praise Durojaiye Okodu quit NCC

Praise Durojaiye Okodu quit NCC

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