Ex-convict was ‘afraid to talk’ to the ‘quiet and moody’ NYC gunman


Ex-offender treated in Bronx with Brooklyn subway shooter Frank James says he’s ‘afraid to talk to’ ‘quiet and moody’ shooter: Eric Adams says YouTube should report video of him insane to law enforcement

  • Albert Wilder, 57, who attended Frank James’s therapy in the Bronx until three months ago, said he was “quiet, moody” and unapproachable
  • James, 62, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with a terrorist act on the public transport system
  • 10 shot, 13 injured in Tuesday attack on Sunset Park Brooklyn subway
  • James has made numerous social media posts where he says he wants to kill and rages against racist society in America
  • New York Mayor Eric Adams said Wednesday morning that James’ video should be reported to law enforcement by social media companies

An ex-convict who was being treated for a Brooklyn subway gunman until three months ago says he is “afraid to talk to” because of Frank James’ fiery, unfriendly personality as details of his lengthy criminal history emerge, mayor Said the social media company should alert law enforcement to his threats of violence.

James, 62, was arrested Wednesday after a nearly 30-hour manhunt in New York City.

He has been charged with terrorist acts on the public transport system and is due to appear in federal court on Thursday.

Bronx-born James, who recently lived in Milwaukee, was charged with opening fire on a crowded subway Tuesday morning, injuring 10 people. Thirteen other people were injured. All were expected to survive, which officials called a miracle.

Frank James, 62, was photographed leaving a police precinct in Manhattan’s East Village shortly after his arrest on Wednesday

Bronx-born James had been on the run for nearly 30 hours before being arrested

James charged with terrorist act on public transport system

Chaos at the 36th Street subway station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Tuesday morning

Chaos near 36th Street subway station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday

Terrified passengers disembark at 36th Street station after shooting on train Tuesday morning

James, who was named and portrayed by the NYPD as a “person of interest” on Tuesday night, quickly emerged with a photo showing a distraught man with a frantic and often incoherent list of grievances.

In a video posted the day before the attack, James said he wanted to hurt people.

“I can say I want to kill people. I want to watch people die,” he said.

James said of the 450 videos he posted to YouTube, several showed him having PTSD.

He attended group therapy classes in the Bronx’s Argus community, which offers residential and outpatient programs to “help at-risk youth and adults escape poverty and substance abuse,” according to its website.

Albert Wilder, 57, who attended the meeting with James, said he was “quiet and moody”.

He told the New York Post that he last saw him about three months ago.

“He’s sitting here, quiet and moody,” Wilder said.

‘You know, when someone looks like they’re doing something and you’re afraid to talk to them because they’re upset. That’s him.

Wilder, who attended the meeting as required after his release from prison for unspecified crimes, said James was a “street man”.

“He rides trains and buses a lot,” Wilder said.

“When I see him, he’s always between 219th and 230th Streets in the Bronx.”

Photo of James in a YouTube video – one of 450 videos he posted under the name “The Prophet of Truth”

On March 1, James posted a video on YouTube calling for Eric Adams to do more to combat homelessness on the subway

James also referred to the mental hospitals he attended in the Bronx and New Jersey, saying the staff didn’t help him and “made me more dangerous.”

“Mr. Mayor, I am a victim of your mental health program,” James said in a long video.

“I’m 63 now and full of hatred, anger and pain.”

On March 1, he lashed out at staff at Bridgeway Behavioral Health Services, a psychiatric care facility in New Jersey.

James, who showed the faces of staff and managers on the screen behind him, said: “These people were supposed to help me. They made me worse.

He added: “They f****** made me worse.

“They made me more dangerous than ever.”

He also rants about homelessness in New York, climate change, the Ukraine war and conspiracy theories about 9/11 in YouTube videos.

Deeply dissatisfied with the status quo and systemic racism in American society, he often turns to talk about the legacy of slavery and what he sees as the failure of the civil rights movement.

James’ sister, Kathryn James Robinson, told The New York Times that her brother “was on his own all his life,” but angrily denied he was mentally ill.

When asked if he had sought mental health treatment – as he mentioned in the YouTube video – she angrily denied that he was unstable.

“A lot of things happen in our lives,” she said.

She confirmed he was born in the Bronx and their mother died when he was five.

She said she didn’t know what his job was and changed cities frequently.

She said they had not seen each other in years and last spoke on the phone after their sister Barbara Jane Gray died of a heart attack a few years ago.

She said she was “surprised” to see him involved in Tuesday’s shooting.

“I don’t think he would do something like that,” she said. “It’s not in his nature to do something like that.”

James’ criminal history dates back to the 1990s.

NYPD Detective Chief James Essig said he was arrested three times in New Jersey in 1991, 1992 and 2007.

Essig said he was arrested for trespassing, theft and disorder.

The New York Times reported that one of those arrested was convicted of two counts of making terrorist threats and was eventually convicted of harassment, a lesser charge.

In New York, he was arrested nine times between 1992 and 1998.

Essig said he was arrested four times for possession of a theft instrument, once for a sex offense and twice for theft of services — once under a New Jersey warrant and once for criminal tampering.

New York Mayor Eric Adams said social media networks should report James’ video to law enforcement.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams told CNN on Wednesday morning that he believes social media companies should report James’ video to law enforcement.

Neighbors in Milwaukee said the 62-year-old was limping, and city officials faced questions about why it took so long to find and why the surveillance cameras in the subway weren’t working, and Adams tried to put the blame on YouTube and Facebook gave James a platform without reporting him.

Adams told CNN on Wednesday morning, “We are watching for signs of people around us who are inclined to act violently and ignore them.”

“I can’t play songs belonging to other people on social media channels unless they identify it. Why don’t we identify these dangerous threats.

“Why don’t we be more proactive, instead of waiting for this to happen?

“I think the social media industry and companies have some responsibility.

‘[We] It is imperative to understand why we are paying attention to these posts and these threats on a daily basis and no one is sending early warning signals to law enforcement.

YouTube did not respond to DailyMail.com’s request for comment.

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