Far-right sports group ‘wanted own Nazi neighbourhood’ in German town


Four members of a far-right sports group accused of trying to create a Nazi community in a German town have been arrested.

The men – identified only as Leon R, Maximilian A, Eric K and Bastian A – have been held in Germany as part of an investigation into extremist groups.

They are said to be members of the Eisenach-based Knockout 51, which aims to indoctrinate young people and train them in street fighting.

According to prosecutors, the group had ties to other far-right groups and was also trying to create a “Nazi community.”

The group is believed to have held training sessions at the local headquarters of a small far-right party in a small town in the east of the country.

They are said to have clashed with police and counter-protesters at a rally against Covid restrictions, with members accused of hurting several people.

A total of 61 properties were searched across Germany yesterday.

Prosecutors are investigating 21 people suspected of maintaining the outlawed Combat 18 Deutschland group and 10 people believed to belong to the white supremacist group Atomwaffen Division.

The far-right chat group SKD 1418 also has five people under investigation.

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