Foto & Ibu Sri Video About Bra Set From Twitter


Photos and videos of Ibu Sri about the bra set via Twitter, #Foto #Ibu #Sri #Video #Bra #Set #Twitter Welcome to 5 0 Mind BlogHere is our latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

Watch: Ibu Ibu comments on TikTok, Twitter and Reddit Video viral: Foto and Ibu Sri video about bra set from Twitter: The trending topic on TikTok these days is Ibu Ibu. The Ibu Ibu Tiktok trend went viral on social media and became the talk of the city. It became popular thanks to a funny incident when a woman was reviewing lingerie in a review of a popular online shopping store. The video making app TikTok is a very famous video sharing social media site. It is owned by Chinese company ByteDance Ltd. It has its own Chinese version called Douyin. Scroll down to learn more. Follow for more updates on

Ibu Ibu Comments Video Goes viral on TikTok

Ibu Ibu TikTok comments have gone viral on social media platforms. The topic is currently trending on Twitter and TikTok. This trend has been all the rage, especially in Malaysia and Indonesia. Individuals on the internet thought it was hilarious. A comment about underwear went viral on Twitter.A woman taking a selfie in her panties seems to give it a 5-star review [email protected] She ordered it from an online store.

She wrote “Mantap KK pesanan diterima” in Indonesian, which means “big order”., one of the largest and most famous online stores in Indonesia, is where this lady brings her lingerie. Unaware of the consequences, the woman posted a photo of her wearing the new panties she ordered and wrote a comment.

Photos and Ibu Sri video from Twitter about the bra set

After the censorship ended, netizens went crazy and made fun of the woman on Douyin and Twitter. Individuals started uploading screenshots of comments and pictures and posting their opinions on the topic. In Southeast Asia in particular, the topic has taken over social media platforms. The woman didn’t seem to know how to retract her comment. If it hadn’t been for an older lady who had seen her picture, the problem might not have been that big.

impact of trends

The trend on the internet is that people lack knowledge and awareness. Individuals generally tend to leave footprints on several topics that may be of interest to them. Unwittingly, they are exposed or leaked to other people in some way through social media. There are several scandals circulating on the web, most of which can be prevented with a little awareness and wisdom about technology and the web.

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