Friendlyjordies Parliament House Prayer Room Video Viral On YouTube, Twitter and Reddit


Friendlyjordies Parliament House prayer room video went viral on YouTube, Twitter and Reddit, #Friendlyjordies #Parliament #House #Prayer #Room #Video #Viral #YouTube #Twitter #RedditWelcome to 5 0 Mind BlogHere is our latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

Watch: The Friendlyjordies Parliament House prayer room video is going viral on YouTube, Twitter and Reddit: Youtuber star friendlyjordies shared the video a few days ago alleging homosexual sex during prayers at Parliament House, which has now been removed following a defamation complaint. Yes, you read that right, the removal of the video has made headlines everywhere. After the video was shared, many people watched it and expressed their views on the matter. Now, since news broke that the video was taken down, uninformed people are scouring the web for details of the entire incident. In this section, we will give you all the details about the video and its removal. Follow for more updates on

Friendlyjordies Capitol Prayer Room

A video of YouTube star friendlyjordies alleging homosexual sex in a Capitol prayer room has been removed following a defamation complaint, according to reports. Commentator and comedian, real name Jordan Shanks, has made a series of allegations about sex in Canberra’s corridors of power in a clip released earlier this week. However, before it was removed, the video was viewed by many who reacted to it.

Although, the video was completely removed from Youtube on Wednesday afternoon and replaced with a simple message, “Due to a defamation complaint, this content is not available in this country’s domain.” Shanks claimed he was attacked by a tech company. The giant’s review, but it is understood that a formal complaint has been lodged, arguing that the content of the clip is both false and defamatory. He added that he would not be silenced by the action. He tweeted: “We don’t know the specifics of the complaint and the complainant. It would be extremely wrong to review public interest stories before an election.”

Friendlyjordies Capitol Prayer Room Video

NSW independent MP Helen Dalton said she wondered how easy it was for the general public to get YouTube to remove videos about them. Jordan Shanks is an Australian stand-up comedian, commentator and Youtuber. In his content, he often discusses contemporary Australian political issues, such as his self-proclaimed “low-pitched humor”.

He has also interviewed several big politicians, including Helen Dalton, Jody McKay, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Tanya Priebusek, Bill Shorten and Christina Kennelly. He was born in Australia and lives in Sydney. He completed his graduation at Newtown High School for the Performing Arts. Before becoming a Youtuber, he was also a model. If you want to stay updated with all the latest news, keep in touch with us for more updates.

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