Fuse ODG Marries Long Time Girlfriend Karen


Image: Fuse Odg Wedding Photos: Fuse Odg married longtime girlfriend Karen: Ghanaian musician, has been with his girlfriend Karen for many years and is now officially married. The two had been dating for years and both planned to get married, but for some reason they put off their marriage. His wedding was held in England, and there was a party in the hall after the wedding. Weddings are private. Not all her relatives were invited, nor all his friends. Only a few selected individuals have sent invitations. Because they don’t want to increase their expenses by inviting all their relatives. Follow more updates on GetIndiaNews.com

Fuse Odg Wedding Photo

Nana Richard Abiona also known as Fuse ODG is married to his girlfriend Karen. Fuse ODG is a Garnian musician and singer. He is known for his best songs and is known for his great work. Sometimes, he also raps in his spare time. He specifically came to Ghana to meet Karen and tell her to get married. She agreed with him.

His wife is an ordinary person. Because we didn’t find many details about her. She did not mention what she would do, her education, how she met him, or her family details. Because she wants to keep her life private. But we found out that she has a younger sister in her twenties. She lives with her and shares with each other what happened in her life, who she met, etc.

Who is Fuse ODG, girlfriend Karen?

The wedding was a surprise to her because everything happened instantly. She doesn’t have enough time to meet her sister. With the arrangements and preparations going on, she was busy with it.

The couple shared photos and videos of their wedding online, and you’ll see that they’re both happy with the marriage. He always supported her and helped her through difficult times. The photographer clicked on some of their stunning photos and they saw happy smiles together.

Her family and her friends were there and they were congratulating them. When they posted photos on Instagram, they saw many congratulatory comments. If you want to see some of his wedding photos, then you can check out his Instagram account.

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