GP who stole more than £1million of NHS money to fund ‘desperate’ addiction to online gambling is struck off


A senior GP who stole more than £1million in NHS funds to fund his “desperate” addiction to online gambling has been called off.

Dr. Rumi Chhapia tries to hit the jackpot on slot machines and roulette.

The 45-year-old – who earns almost £200,000 a year – started his fraud after being placed in charge of an account over a set of 16 operations.

He embezzled £1.13m in 41 days in 2020.

When Hantz’s Portsmouth colleagues became suspicious, he claimed his account had been hacked.

Chhapia, of Southsea, who was jailed for 40 months at the city’s Crown Court last year, has now been quashed by the Medical Practitioners Court.

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It is understood the gambling company has agreed to repay £904,000 after Chhapia wrote them vile letters.

He gambled £2.5 million in total, of which he recovered £1.2 million.

The funds were stolen as the NHS grappled with the Covid 19 pandemic.

Ian Comfort, chair of the Medical Practitioners’ Court, said: “Dr Chhapia has violated the fundamental principles of the profession by placing patients at risk of harm and by collecting funds needed for patient care.

“The court took into account that this was not an incident of fraud, but rather 64 separate transactions over a 41-day period, totalling a significant amount.”

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