How Did Antonios Sykaris Die? Top Greek Alpinist Dies Climbing Dhaulagiri In Nepal Last Video Footage


How did Antonio Sikaris die?Top Greek climber dies while climbing Dhaulagiri in Nepal Last video clip, #Antonios #Sykaris #Die #Top #Greek #Alpinist #Dies #Climbing #Dhaulagiri #Nepal #Video #Footage Welcome to OLASSMED IA TV BLOGThis is what we have for you today:

We all know the very famous Greek climber, Antonos Sykaris, who is known for climbing the highest mountain on earth and setting an example for all upcoming climbers. On Tuesday, the ascent Nearly all men on the highest peaks have tragically died in Nepal’s Dhaulagiri mountains. As soon as the news appeared on social media, it caused a stir everywhere.

Well, there is no doubt that this page is not enough to talk about him when it comes to his achievements, because he is the first and only Greek climber Greek who has climbed five summits above 8 meters. He conquered Mount Everest at 8.848m, Kanchenjunga at 8.586m, Manaslu at 8.163m, Lhotse at 8.516m and Annapurna at 8.091m. So, going by this, you can understand his determination to work or passion, whatever he has, but the only thing this guy does before he leaves this world is that he records himself in a place that no one can forget In the personality. Whenever it comes to climbing the highest mountain, there is no doubt that his name automatically comes up.

However, this man was known for his talent and love of mountains, but who knew this man would die for his love of mountaineering. He died while descending from Dhaulagiri, according to the Haimaria Times. The climber fell ill below the summit at 7,400m, according to the statement. Another source confirmed that the Greek climber climbed the 8,167-meter peak on Monday in collaboration with his guide, Dawa Sherpa.

Dawa, who helped his mate down the mountain for hours, was also on the mountain waiting for rescue teams, where the entire group appeared to be stuck, the report said. Well, more information about this event will be released soon and will let you know as soon as we know. Our deepest condolences to his family and followers, may his soul rest in heaven.

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