Huge Cloud Of Smoke As Massive Fire Breaks Out At Punjab Video Photos Images


Huge cloud of smoke fires in Punjab Video photo images, #Huge #Cloud #Smoke #Massive #Fire #Breaks #Punjab #Video #Photos #Images Welcome to OLASSMED IA TV BLOGThis is what we have for you today:

We are here to share a shocking piece of news with you after the fire broke out at Guru Nanak Dev Hospital in Amritsar, Punjab, on Saturday afternoon. The news went viral and people were talking about it. The news caused a lot of attention. This incident shocked people. People were curious about the incident, which caused a stir on the Internet. People are curious to know the whole thing. They are gathering some details on the search engine. Here are a few things to tell you about the news. You will find all the real and important details. Let’s continue this article.

Eight fire trucks rushed to the scene to extinguish the blaze, and the injured were rushed to the hospital for treatment, the report said. No casualties were reported. In pictures from the accident scene, the injured patient can be seen lying on a mattress on the ground outside. The families of all the injured are concerned for their members. It was a dire situation for everyone present, and those who heard it were also disturbed by the news. There are a few more things to tell you about the news, which you’ll find in the next section.

Fire breaks out at Guru Nanak Dev Hospital

Also, as a picture, it’s sad. Based on transformer fire. “The fire is under control. No injuries have been reported,” he told reporters. “This matter will be investigated,” said Punjab Minister Harbhajan Singh, who arrived at the site of the fire. You will get more details in the next section. So read the full article. Scroll down the page and keep reading.

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwantman reportedly tweeted: “Unfortunately there is a fire at Guru Nanak Hospital in Amritsar. Firefighters are on high alert. No casualties reported by God’s grace Minister Habajan Singh arrived at the fire scene. He has been monitoring rescue efforts.” It was a very shocking event for the people. People are searching for news and some pictures show how the event went. We have shared all the details in this article, which were taken from other sources. If we get any updates, we’ll let you know on the same site first. Stay tuned for more updates.

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