I can marry 25 wives if I like- Yul Edochie speaks


I can take 25 wives if I want – says Yul Edochie, #marry #wives #Yul #Edochie #speaks Welcome to 50 Mind BlogHere is our latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

Nigerian actor Yul Edochie said it was his life and he had the right to wake up in the morning and marry 25 women.

Yul Edochie said in a recent video that according to him, this is his life and career, so people should put their energy into meaningful things that are happening in the country.

He pointed out that politicians are not taking citizens seriously because they are not devoting their energy to pressing issues in the country, such as the devaluation of the naira.

Yul Edochie says:

“While a lot of people say I should be silent, I won’t. People have been talking about this for the past two weeks, the whole polygamy, I got a second wife, we broke the internet. This is me life, I have the right to wake up in the morning and marry 25 women. You can do 50 if I want, it’s not your business, it’s my life. All of you are fueling my personal problems, That’s why this politician doesn’t take Nigerians seriously. We have a lot of problems in this country, but we don’t focus on them. I’ve admitted my mistakes, but you’re bashing me. Some men from children with different women”.


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