Is Shut The Kale Up Getting A Divorce? Husband Name and Family Details


Shut Up Kale Divorce?Husband name and family details: Now, the news of Guan Yuyi’s divorce has spread all over the Internet. Yes, you read that right, there are some reports on social media platforms that “Shut Up Kale” is getting a divorce. However, nothing has been confirmed about her divorce yet. Since the news of her divorce went viral online, her fans have been worried about her and have been reacting to the news. They want to know what happened when she decided to divorce. Some people are looking to know if they are rumors or real? Here you will get all the information about the validity of the news. Follow for more updates on

Shut Up Kale Divorce?

Shut Up Kale was born on August 25, 1988 in California. Her real name is Janet Ogden. She is a social media influencer with a huge following on social media around the world. She is a mother, wife and health lover. She is always open about her struggles with eating disorders. She attributes her marriage to eliminating confusion. Janet has accumulated a lot of fans who like her very much on social media. She has a huge following on her official Instagram account where she shares good health tips, recipes and other helpful posts to help people lead a healthy lifestyle.

Close Kale Husband Name and Family Details

At present, rumors of Guan Yu’s divorce have surfaced on the Internet. However, the rumors have not been confirmed as she has not made any announcements about the divorce. She is married to her husband, AK is the bad guy. In addition to this, people noticed that there were no pictures of her and her husband on her Instagram profile. Here’s why rumors of the couple’s separation may be true.

But there has been no official announcement about their divorce. Earlier, she posted several photos of herself with her husband and children, but all of them have now been deleted from the account. There is not a single photo of her husband on her social media accounts. Janet is a mother of two sons and her picture can be seen on her profile. Her sons’ names are Elliott and Cole. She is a good friend of well-known fitness blogger Lee Tillman. Please keep following us for more updates.


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