Is Troye Sivan married as TikTok about husband and son? TikTok debunked


Did Troye Sivan get married as TikTok, telling the story of her husband and son? TikTok debunked: Angel Baby singer Troye Sivan made headlines everywhere after revealing that he is married to a baby. Yes, you read that right, Troye Sivan is a husband and a father to one. As soon as the news came out, his fans were stunned because no one knew that he was married and had children. He revealed details of his personal life while promoting a song of his own on TikTok. Now, fans are desperately searching for more details about Troye Sivan’s personal life as well as his husband and children. Here you will find all the information about Troye Sivan, so stay tuned. Follow for more updates on

Is Troy Sivan married?

Troye Sivan dropped his famous single Angel Baby five months ago, but it’s been gaining huge traction recently. Sivan took to his TikTok account to reveal the song, sharing his experience with the angel who encouraged him to write the song and his husband. Fans were stunned when they learned of this, they didn’t know the singer was married, let alone had a baby.

Troye Sivan revealed that he was inspired by his 5-year-old boy. Exact details of his son’s age were told to fans that the singer married privately and decided to have a baby, but kept it from fans. An overlay of the song on Troye Sivan’s most-watched TikTok video reads: “This song was inspired by my husband and our 5-year-old son Andre Ho. He was a baby; now he’s five. You Daddy and Daddy love you, Andy!”

Who is Troy Sivan’s husband?

After sharing the video on TikTok, he also posted clips of himself telling stories from his childhood and personal life. Fans couldn’t understand how much the Australian shared about his life and began to wonder if the video about his children and husband was true. In one of the stories, he shared that he was visited by an angel at the age of 8, which led him to create the hit song.

In another TikTok video, he said he cried as a child and his mother said he sounded like an angel. He further said, “After 10 years, I wrote Angel Baby for this, and it’s out now. I hope you like it.” We want to tell all our fans that the video Sivan shared is untrue. The truth is that the singer is not married and neither is the father. Please keep following us for more updates.


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