Joel Mungo: Virginia High School Teacher To SUE A 10th Grade White Student For Leaving Banana In His Doorway


Joel Mungo: Virginia high school teacher sues white 10th grader for leaving bananas at door, #Joel #Mungo #Virginia #High #School #Teacher #SUE #10th #Grade #White #Student #Leaving #Banana #Doorway Welcome to OLASSMED IA TV BLOGThis is what we have for you today:

Black Virginia high school history teacher Joel Mungo plans to sue a white 10th-grade student months after he was found to have left a banana on the door of his classroom. Mungo, who has worked at Menchville High School for 21 years, revealed that in October 2021, he found a banana in front of his classroom. According to Mungo, this became a recurring event since the bananas were also placed in the same place a month ago. He witnessed it about six times and decided not to let it go this time.

Faced with six incidents, Mungo, one of the few black teachers at a white high school, decided he couldn’t take it anymore. “My door was greeted with bananas. At the entrance, bananas were placed with precision. It was definitely a planned move,” Mungo revealed. For those unfamiliar, racists use bananas as a weapon to compare black people to monkeys. This is also the reason why Teacher Black is so offended, considering that it has happened six times, he is very upset. Now, Mungo could sue tenth graders for racial conduct.

Mungo went on to report the incident to Menchville administrators, who reviewed surveillance footage and determined that the culprit was a former student of Mungo. According to Mungo, he asked the students to admit their mistakes and confess to him, but he refused and continued to play stupid. The history teacher even contacted the child’s parents to inform them of the child’s behavior towards black teachers at the school. Needless to say, the parents were embarrassed. Later, the student was suspended for two days, much to the wrath of his parents.

According to reports, the teacher has now opted to file a lawsuit over the racist incident. Mungo said he was fed up with the racism around him, especially in academic institutions. He added that people will have to speak up or it will continue. According to the black teacher, no other teacher other than him has encountered such behavior from a student. Lawyer Ali Shahrestani said teachers who witnessed such incidents should take the matter to court to send a message to the wrongdoers. Lawyers have slammed the two-day suspension, saying it should be given to those who insult another student or cheat on exams.

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