KATHRYN KNIGHT has unsettling encounter with Putin’s Lord Haw-Haw


Volodymyr Zelensky is a ‘drug addict’, Boris Johnson a ‘stupid’, Joe Biden a ‘madman’: KATHRYN KNIGHT joins the British ex-grandfather who is proud to be Vladimir Putin as he propaganda from Moscow Unsettling encounter with caravan salesman Lord Hoho

The sweet voiceover in this short video guide to Ukraine’s recent history has all the hallmarks of a professional: mastering the rhythm, pausing in all the right places and, of course, flashing passion in the right places.

But over time, its narrative became more and more extreme, until it came close to insanity.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has similarities to the overthrow of the Nazis during World War II.

It is believed that the Russian-speaking population is suffering mass genocide and that “concentration camps” are being set up where women and children “die painfully”. There is also talk of a network of US “biolabs” producing “deadly viruses”.

When the Daily Mail traced him this week to his Moscow home where he lives with his Russian wife Marina, 65, he was found to be upbeat and stubborn – not to mention extremely happy to expand his own. View

Of course, there is no shortage of this material being imposed on Russia’s population of 144 million – it’s just that a genial Englishman doesn’t tell it very often. But the three-minute short, released by Putin’s foreign ministry on Monday, is voiced by a 78-year-old Briton named Bruce Grant, who has been working in Moscow since 1994.

He spoke in English the Kremlin parlance that Westerners are tired of familiar with on Russia’s “special military operations.”

Perhaps inevitably, his performance led to the translator and little actor being compared to William Joyce who was later hanged.

Grant didn’t see it that way. In fact, when the Daily Mail tracked him this week to his Moscow home where he lives with his Russian wife Marina, 65, his mood was one of optimism and stubbornness – not to mention a very happy expansion his point of view.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky? “A drug addict and an imbecile.” Boris Johnson? ‘stupid. ‘ As for Joe Biden, he’s literally a “criminal.”

In general, Grant’s views on the West are equally straightforward. “I don’t care what a lot of Western views are, because most of the people out there are pretty stupid and have no idea what’s going on,” he said. “The language the video says is that it’s all conspiracy theories, absolutely nonsense.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky? “A drug addict and an imbecile.” Boris Johnson? ‘stupid. ‘ As for Joe Biden, he’s literally a ‘criminal’

“The truth is that all the evidence presented in this video is historically accurate, be it Nazism in Ukraine, or other atrocities perpetrated by Ukrainian government military ‘tools’ – a term I like to refer to his army.

This isn’t the first time Grant has accepted a shilling from the Kremlin. In 2017, he provided the voiceover for a YouTube project called “MH17 Inquiry,” which questioned the July 2014 downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 by Russian forces over eastern Ukraine, killing 283 people, from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. Passengers and 15 people were killed. all staff.

“There was so much speculation from the UK, the US and other countries,” Grant said of his involvement at the time. “It seemed to me that I could do something good. So I started to give the show a voice. I’m not afraid of the U.S. government, the CIA, the FBI, MI6, MI5, or whatever else is in charge of security.

Five years on, his skepticism of the West is as strong as ever. “Biden’s son Hunter ostensibly wants shale oil [when he did business in Ukraine] But it’s actually for diamond deposits under the Donbas sands,” he said.

Putin himself could not have said it better. In fact, 28 years after his first arrival at Mother Russia, the country seems to have completely captured Grant’s affection and loyalty.

Grant is sure to see the current conflict we’ve heard so many times since the outbreak of the Ukrainian war on February 24.

He admitted that he was initially opposed to military action when the invasion began, but “learned a lot” in the months since and changed his stance entirely. He now agrees that Putin entered Ukraine to “neutralize the Ukrainian army and prevent civil war and the murder of civilians”.

But that didn’t happen, did it?

“For the most part it does,” Grant said.

I suggest, even if you believe this, at the catastrophic loss of innocent civilian life.

Perhaps inevitably, his performance led to the translator and young actor being compared to William Joyce, who was later hanged

“Russian soldiers were falsely accused of shooting civilians when people saw that was not the case,” Grant replied. “There have been several cases where multiple rockets have killed several people, maybe ten or fifteen people.”

What about the massacre in Mariupol, the city reduced to rubble under Putin’s relentless shelling?

“It’s deserved because the Ukrainian president is an idiot — he’s a drug addict with no scruples,” Grant insisted.

This view is both provocative and persuasive, and extends to other global leaders, including Boris Johnson, whom Grant considers “stupid”, and much of the UK.

“You only have one side of the story,” he said.

“No pundit bothered to listen to other people, including Boris, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Biden, he was a criminal and a total lunatic.”

One can never accuse Grant of lacking the courage to hold on to his convictions, though he insists he’s just a just “gun for hire” when it comes to his voiceover.

“Work is work,” he said. “This time I happened to agree with the content of the latest video, but that was a coincidence.

“My voice is being used in Russian ads promoting their Covid vaccinations, which I disagree with. In fact, I think anyone who has been vaccinated is stupid because vaccines promote the spread of the virus.

It’s the kind of conversation that has sparked bickering around the dinner table, with Grant admitting that it recently caused his younger brother, who refuses to be named but still lives in the UK, to cut all ties.

“He just refuses to talk to me again until I accept what he has to say, but if that turns into a fantasy, it’s hard to change a person’s opinion,” he said.

His daughters Christian and Stephanie and his first wife also did not share his feelings. The former lives in Canada and the latter lives in the United States. Although they were close, Grant admitted he would not talk to them about politics or religion in order to maintain their relationship.

“It’s safer for everyone’s sanity,” he said. “I’m not going to try to change their opinion. They believe what they believe.

Christian told the Daily Mail last night: “On behalf of my sister Stephanie and myself, we don’t agree with my dad’s view of the Russians and what they’re doing. We both think what’s going on is wrong. , Russia should be held responsible and not innocent.

Like many of us. Many may think that making videos, as Grant recounted this week, makes him just another mouthpiece for Putin. How does he feel about this?

“People can say whatever they want,” he said. “I do not care.”

This is a far cry from the conversation Grant grew up with as the son of Flight Lieutenant Douglas Ross, an RAF veteran who served in Egypt during World War II repairing military aircraft.

Grant is so proud of him that he details his father’s ingenuity and stupidity in a promotional video for the computer game War Thunder, for which he provided a voiceover. “My dad was the fairest person I’ve ever known because he always focused on both sides of the argument,” he says now.

Neither can his son say the same. In fact, Grant’s life was full of conflicts with authority.

After graduating with a degree in Agriculture from the University of Aberdeen, he embarked on a colourful career ranging from professional harmonica playing to selling caravans. He started as a driver at the Iranian embassy in London in 1966, and his responsibilities included transporting the Shah and his wife during their visits to London. But he clashed with another passenger and the then British ambassador to Iran fired him.

“He was a small, stupid self-righteous little guy who looked down on almost all life forms,” ​​Grant said. “The reason he fired me was because I refused to call him Your Excellency – I called him Sir.”

Grant quickly found a new job as a chauffeur for the chairman of a British holiday company, before entering the nascent computer industry in the UK.

He married in 1970, and a year later—everything from British politics to the people angered him—immigrated to Canada. In 1980, the family settled first in Ontario and then Nova Scotia. Along the way, Grant tried everything from whipping up a British caravan to building an advertising agency.

His next move, he said, was made at the personal request of Steve Jobs, who asked him to join the Canadian division of the then booming Apple Computer.

By 1994, even this Medal of Honor, along with Canada’s expansive skies and ample natural beauty, couldn’t make up for his growing disillusionment with his new adoptive country.

“I’m tired of the lack of honesty, the lack of discipline, the lack of honor and caring,” he said. There was another driving factor, and that was his first wife. “I wanted to leave her,” Grant confessed.

He did so in due course, and arrived in Moscow in 1994 to make home in a jaw-dropping ten days with retired journalist Marina, whom he married in 1996.

Moscow is the backdrop for more professional hiccups, including a chilling confrontation with a colleague when Grant was named technical director of a Moscow hotel.

“I was threatened by the then deputy general manager who put a gun in my stomach because he wasn’t happy that an Englishman got the job,” he said.

Grant then dabbled in more creative work, including small roles in Russian-language films and TV series.

Interestingly, in addition to being selected as a Russian admiral, he has also acted as an assistant to the director of the CIA and a NATO admiral.

One thing we can be sure of, with views like his, he’ll never get past the scrutiny stage of any character in real life.

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