Watch: Video of Kim Garam bullying scandal goes viral on YouTube, Reddit and Twitter: One of the cutest girls on social media, Gingalam, has been embroiled in a controversy that she was a school bully in her own time. She unnecessarily creates problems for other people and makes them have to face all of them. When she was in school, she was a burden to others. She bullies her friends and her juniors if they don’t greet her. She often drinks and smokes. Sometimes, she also smokes weed and takes drugs. Follow for more updates on

Kim Garam Bullying

Her parents were unaware of her bad behavior. In the classroom, if they didn’t treat her well, she would sometimes hit any of the underclassmen at will. All of this shows how bad she was during school. We don’t know how her classmates dealt with her torture and controlled their anger. From her face, she looks cool, quiet, and has a loving personality that doesn’t hurt anyone. But if we look at her behavior, we know how bad she is. She is not good to the younger generation, has a bad attitude, and has no respect for the elders.

Kim Garam Bullying Scandal Video

Recently, HBE released the idol’s teaser content in which they revealed names related to her. In the screenshot, they took their name and showed it to everyone on the internet. It also includes her name. If her name and her partner’s name were revealed, her career and her life would be spoiled.

The news was announced on April 6, and netizens were waiting for screenshots, eager to know their names. It would be hard for her to stay on social media more if her name was included in some way. The icon is no longer on social media, and she has to live with her parents to get a job.

Kim Garam bullying scandal video explained

To that end, she tries to keep the names from being revealed online from her perspective. On this, she said she did nothing wrong with my junior. I am good to them. In fact, she’d take them to McDonald’s, amusement parks, and Disneyland and have fun with them. Whoever spread this news is completely fake. I have never done anything wrong to my best friend and my classmates. Let’s see what happened to her.

The video is going around the internet but what’s inside will shock you all because it’s a scandalous video. Since the teg video I surfaced online, many users are keen to know all about the victim in the video. Kim Garam was bullied and after her first debut, she started to not attract huge attention. After reading this article, you’re just hungry for more of the same deal. So you guys are on the right platform as we will update you with full details.

Kim Garam Bullying Scandal Explained:-

Her video went viral within half a day due to the completion of the video. Less than a day after Lesserafim was introduced to Kim, a video went viral. After Kong was introduced, she was even more in the limelight, with old photos circulating on Korean community sites. These images are related to se**al holes in the background. Many Kim-related photos appear in posts that our students cannot accept.

Later, a friend of hers claimed that she took a Facebook ad that mentioned to her, “She doesn’t know the exact guardian who clicked or took the photo, and she doesn’t even understand what board is written on it.”

She later requested that the inappropriate images on the blackboard no longer appear on the blackboard or be removed from the blackboard.

On the other hand, rumors of Kim Ja-ran harassing several students on campus were circulating on social media such as Twitter.

What is the age of Lesserafim singer Kim Garam?

Lessafim got a new singer, Kim Gram, when she was 16 years old, she was born on November 16, 2005. We did an in-depth study of her personal life, but let us tell you there is no information about her family nor her occupation or other personal information.

Gingalam’s Biography:-

Not much information is available about her, and she has chosen to keep her personal life private. She debuts in May 2022.

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