Korra Obidi’s Affair With Club Owner Exposed As Leaked Chat Surfaces (Screenshot)


Korra Obidi’s romance with club owner exposed as leaked chat surface (screenshot), #Korra #Obidis #Affair #Club #Owner #Exposed #Leaked #Chat #Surfaces #Screenshot Welcome to 5 0 Mind BlogHere is our latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

Details have emerged showing what led to the collapse of Instagram dancer Korra Obidi’s marriage to husband Dr. Justin.

According to a report Point Scrollleaked chat logs reveal that the dancer was having an affair outside of marriage.

The site quoted controversial blogger Cuite Juls as saying Cora had a three-month relationship in Nigeria with a Lebanese businessman who named his club after their romance.

In a leaked chat between the mother-of-two and her husband as they debated divorce, Cora confirmed in a text message that she believes Justin Dean has forgiven her and should not mention it again thing.

The report is as follows…

“Our sources revealed that famous Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi had an affair with her husband Justin Dean and Rabbani Nigerian businessman Joe (Ciroc Nigeria)

Another source close to Mr Joe Nazar has revealed to us that Joe allegedly named his Lagos nightclub Moist in honour of his 3-month strained romance over the bedroom issue of a “serious relationship” “

The first 3 months after Korra and Dr. Justin were married were not long and he traveled to the US to start dealing with Korra joining him as his wife.

Since then, the relationship has continued whenever Cora visited Nigeria.

However, sources close to Cora say she has apologized

Another source revealed that Cora insisted she used condoms with Joe in most situations, so it wasn’t really cheating. “

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