Lovey Dovey Contestant Threatens To Sue Moja Love


Lovey Dovey Moja Love Contestant: Lovey-Dovey contestant Gift Masuku and a female contestant were both caught on camera. Both are on reality TV shows, and both have faced some disputes. Now the TV show has decided to eliminate one of them. It’s hard to accept both of them at the same time if they’re on the show and creating unnecessary arguments that don’t make sense. That’s why the judges decided to kick out a contestant. So they decided to let Zeng Jiu go out. Follow more updates on

Lovey Dovey Moja Love Contestant

The reality show is hosted by Somizi Mhlongo and Gabisile Tshabalala. The show is based on dating, where 15 contestants have to live under one roof and are assigned tasks that couples have to perform. One roommate is eliminated every week, and it has been fixed. If a contestant gets fewer votes, he will be eliminated forever. But Zengjiu’s elimination is different from others.

He was eliminated for having sex with a female contestant. It can be seen from the footage that he is always trying to maintain physical contact with women and make some negative comments. Most of the time, the owner will warn him. Don’t do that again. This will ultimately damage your reputation. But he didn’t listen to anyone. The judges have decided to kick him out of the show.

In the footage, he is spotted making some sexual allegations with the girl. At night, he tried to approach her and slept next to her, where he stroked her legs and arms, she said. She faced and warned him many times. But he ignored all the show rules and continued to maintain physical contact with her.

Now the police have arrested him and charged him with a case of sexual harassment. On Saturday, April 9, some bodyguards approached him and took him away from the show. Police are questioning him and have filmed him doing wrongdoing with the girl. The girl’s identity was not released to the public as police did not want her to attract media attention. If the media somehow got information about her and her family, we’ve mentioned it in this article. Follow this site until then.


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