Military personnel have been hurt after UFO encounters, expert says


EXCLUSIVE: ‘They woke up burned or injured.’ Top brain expert and ex-CIA officer reveals hundreds of military servicemen suffered brain damage or symptoms of the mysterious ‘Havana Syndrome’ and even DEATH after encountering UFOs

  • Forensic neuroimaging expert Christopher Green says he has dealt with ‘hundreds of patients’ who were injured or died after interacting with UFOs 
  • ‘I’m the go-to physician in the Department of Defense for unexplained morbidity and mortality,’ he told in an exclusive interview 
  • ‘I do look at injuries and mortality from unidentified UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena),’ he added 
  • Green, a professor at the Wayne State School of Medicine in Detroit, was in 2010 commissioned to write a paper by a secret $22M defense program  
  • He described symptoms of multiple sclerosis, brain damage, and burns among patients from ‘[Close Encounters of the Third and Fourth Kind] events’ 
  • He said symptoms of many of the cases were similar to ‘Havana Syndrome’ – a mysterious illness affecting diplomats and US officials in embassies around the world
  • Green said many of his patients experienced burns and brain damage and that around one in ten died within seven years of their reported encounter

Hundreds of military officers have had injuries including brain damage and burns after encounters with UFOs, a top brain expert and former CIA officer has revealed.

Detroit Professor Christopher Green was commissioned around 2010 by a secret $22million defense program monitoring UFOs, to write a paper on injuries from close encounters with ‘anomalous’ craft.

In an exclusive interview with the forensic neuroimaging expert, who has worked with the CIA since the 1960s, said he dealt with ‘hundreds of patients’ including special forces officers and other military personnel hurt after interacting with unidentified craft, some of whom later died.

Some of the injuries resembled the mysterious ‘Havana Syndrome’, which intelligence agencies believe could be a series of clandestine attacks on US diplomats by a foreign power using targeted microwaves.

But Professor Green’s cases presented decades before the spate of injuries at the Cuban embassy in 2016 that gave the illness its name.

US intelligence officials have evidence that UFO sightings can lead to adverse health effects including radiation burns, according to a study released this week. Above, a photo of a UFO taken by navy pilots in 2020

In May, a video was released that appeared to show a UFO buzz a US stealth ship near San Diego before diving under the water back in July 2019

An unclassified version of Dr. Green’s paper, titled ‘Clinical Medical Acute & Subacute Field Effects on Human Dermal & Neurological Tissues’, was released last year under the Freedom of Information Act and describes symptoms of multiple sclerosis, brain damage, and burns sustained by patients from ‘CE-III-IV events’ [Close Encounters of the Third and Fourth Kind] – an apparent reference to interactions with, and even abductions by, UFOs. 

The news comes after Congress approved funding in December for an official government UFO-monitoring program which will include ‘an assessment of any health-related effects for individuals that have encountered unidentified aerial phenomena.’

And earlier this week, a newly released report from a shadowy Pentagon program that closed in 2012 similarly revealed that US intelligence officials have evidence that UFO sightings have led to adverse health effects like radiation burns, paralysis and even brain damage.

Dr. Green said he became the go-to expert for military patients who had out-of-this-world experiences backed up by witnesses and radar data – including cases of ‘big silent drones’ which ‘hovered and moved in odd ways’, ‘showed emanations of funny lights, patterns and strobes’, and even ‘cloaked or changed shape’ and ‘instantaneously appeared and disappeared’.

Forensic neuroimaging expert and university professor Christopher Green says he has dealt with ‘hundreds of patients’ who were injured or died after interacting with UFOs

Although his paper, published in March 2010, makes references to ‘ETs’ and ‘off-world exposures’, Green told that he was able to explain every injury he has treated by currently existing, albeit advanced, human technology.

The Wayne State School of Medicine professor said he believed some of the injuries he has seen arose from patients being too close to ‘subtle, highly powered, highly modulated microwaves’ and suggested in his study that soldiers could have been accidentally hit with powerful radio or electromagnetic frequencies from the propulsion systems of these strange hovering and rapidly moving aircraft.

Green said that symptoms of many of the cases he saw were similar to the ‘Havana Syndrome’, a mysterious illness affecting diplomats and US government officials in embassies around the world believed by intelligence agencies to be a targeted hi-tech attack.

In January the CIA released a report from a panel of experts who analyzed 1,000 patients’ cases and found two dozen with injuries they believe could have been caused by pulsed electromagnetic waves from a device used by a hostile foreign power – most likely Russia.

Several of those injuries were sustained by diplomats at the US embassy in Havana, Cuba, in 2016.

But Green’s paper focused on cases of US government and military personnel with similar injuries referred to him decades before ‘Havana Syndrome’ was identified.

The professor refused to discuss his 2009 DoD-commissioned research paper in detail citing his oath to keep classified secrets, but added that his was one of 38 studies commissioned by the $22million initiative called the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP), overseen by the Defense Intelligence Agency from 2007 to 2012.

‘I had said some things in the paper that they [the DIA] did not want me to say,’ he told 

‘The reason I was told was, I referred to radio frequencies as having to do with alien spacecraft, and UFOs.

Symptoms of Havana Syndrome include loud noise, ear pain, intense head pressure or vibration, dizziness, visual problems, and cognitive difficulties

‘I think that there are serious people in the Department of Defense who believe that some of the objects that are identified as ‘unidentified flying objects’ are real, and are extraterrestrial.

‘It’s reasonable that reasonable people are concerned about that.’

The former Assistant National Intelligence Officer for Science and Technology, who described himself as having been ‘an intelligence officer for the government since 1969,’ said that as well as writing his 2010 study on injuries from UFOs, he has also for decades treated classified cases of soldiers injured in unexplained ways, referred to him by government officials.

‘Because I’m a forensic neurologist and a brain imager, I’m the go-to physician in the Department of Defense for unexplained morbidity and mortality,’ Green said.

‘I do look at injuries and mortality from unidentified UAPs.

‘My client population is heavily within intelligence, Department of Defense, Special Forces, aerospace industry, people that work under contract for aerospace companies that get ill and they don’t know why.

‘What my cases are exposed to are things they see in daylight, with witnesses under battle conditions, in circumstances of test and evaluation at advanced facilities.’

Green said many of his patients experienced burns and brain damage from their encounters with ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’.

He listed his patients’ varied descriptions of getting up close to a ‘big drone’, a ‘silent drone’ – or something even stranger.

‘Sometimes they hovered. Sometimes they moved in odd ways,’ he said. ‘Some did show clear, advanced cloaking. Some did show emanations of funny lights, patterns and strobes.

The report from 2010 was compiled for the now-defunct Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program. It ranks several kinds of UFO encounters as well as the adverse health effects reported by witnesses

‘There are a lot of cases of things that instantaneously appear and instantaneously disappear. 

‘There are a lot that will instantly disappear and then instantly appear close by but in another angle of sight. In a blink of an eye it will not appear to be directly ahead of you but will appear to be 30 degrees to the right, or 30 degrees to the left.

‘Some of them did come close, and make them become unconscious and they woke up burned or injured.’

Green said around one in ten of his patients died within seven years of their reported encounter.

A small percentage of the professor’s patients even said they encountered ‘something cloaked that was a human being’.

He said he was even aware of injuries from encounters with UFOs ‘near the White House’ and over the Capitol Mall, though he said he had not personally treated any of those cases and declined to comment further.

Despite the strangeness of his patients’ descriptions, Green said their injuries could all be explained by current human technology, including advanced microwave and radio frequency non-lethal weapons developed by the US and other countries.

‘I don’t have to invent aliens in order to explain the cases that I get,’ he said.

What is ‘Havana Syndrome’? The mysterious illness that started in the US embassy in Cuba and causes memory and hearing loss  

The problem has been labeled the ‘Havana Syndrome,’ because the first cases affected personnel in 2016 at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba. 

At least 200 cases across the government are now under investigation. 

People who are believed to have been affected have reported headaches, dizziness and symptoms consistent with concussions, with some requiring months of medical treatment. Some have reported hearing a loud noise before the sudden onset of symptoms. 

Countries its been reported in: Cuba, United States, China, Russia, Vietnam, Austria, Germany, Serbia, United Kingdom, Georgia, Poland, Taiwan, Australia, Colombia, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan 

Symptoms include:

-hearing loss

-severe headaches

-memory issues 


-brain injury  

Green’s 2010 study said that humans already had technology to use electromagnetic and radio waves as weapons, including devices to cause ‘second degree burns’ from up to hundreds of meters away, the ‘ability to cause frontal-temporal headache’, radio frequencies that ‘disorient and destabilize muscular coordination’ and even ‘loss of consciousness, muscle spasms, muscle weakness’ from certain directed bursts of waves.

‘The use of Very High Intensity RF [radio frequency] pulses at, for example, 915 MHz will cause an elevation in brain temperature of 8’C, resulting in petit mal or grand mal seizures after one minute exposure, followed by 5 minutes of unconsciousness,’ he wrote.

Dr. Green wrote that the injuries to humans from getting too close to UFOs could give clues as to how the strange craft work, including hypotheses about how they use strong electromagnetic fields for propulsion.

‘The purpose of this paper is to argue that data exists to ‘reverse engineer’ propulsion systems of anomalous aerospace vehicles,’ Green’s paper said.

One theory is that UFOs bend the fabric of spacetime to allow them to defy gravity, and in doing so turn the heat from their engines into high-energy microwaves or ultraviolet waves in a process called ‘blue shifting’.

Anyone who gets too close to those UFOs while their engines are on would be hit with a blast of radiation, scientists hypothesize.

Green referenced the Cash-Landrum case in his study, where two women famously sued the US government over illness resembling radiation exposure after allegedly encountering a diamond-shaped UFO on a Texas country road in 1980 that hovered in front of them, caused their car to heat up, then was escorted away by dozens of Chinook helicopters.

A disturbing UFO injury case investigated under the DIA’s AAWSAP contract was described in an October 2021 book co-authored by two of the program’s managers.

A 48-year-old biotechnologist given the pseudonym Ron Becker by the authors told AAWSAP investigators he was with his daughter driving 50 miles southeast of Bend, Oregon in May 2005 when they saw three blue orbs flying about in a field a hundred yards away.

Father and daughter told AAWSAP manager and book co-author Colm Kelleher that as they watched, the softball-sized orbs flew towards them and through their vehicle, one passing through Becker’s arm and chest.

In the days after Becker felt dizzy and nauseous, began losing hair and started losing his sight and hearing. Blood tests over the next two years showed severe abnormalities and he was diagnosed with a rare cancer in his chest.   

Pilots who witnessed the famous ‘tic tac’ white oblong UFO flying around a US aircraft carrier off the coast of San Diego were among those who suffered physiological effects, according to a book published last year by two managers of the DoD’s secret $22million program.

The UFO was recorded by Navy pilots in videos leaked in 2017 to the New York Times, sending shockwaves round the world.

The stunning revelations in the book, Skinwalkers at the Pentagon, include the claim that Navy pilots who intercepted a UFO in 2004 flying at incredible speeds without any visible means of propulsion near the USS Nimitz, had ‘biological sequelae’ and ‘adverse psychological or medical effects’.

However the book, co-authored by AAWSAP program managers Colm Kelleher and James Lacatski, said HIPAA regulations for medical privacy prevented them from going into further detail.

‘We are aware of some biological sequelae of the Nimitz event but unfortunately we are precluded from discussing it, due to the fact that the medical data and details are embargoed under HIPAA regulations,’ they wrote. ‘We were strongly admonished not to break HIPAA medical privacy rules when it came to any military pilot or crew UAP encounters.

‘Secondly, the pilots themselves are in a very difficult position because reporting any adverse psychological or medical effects after UFO encounters will mean probable interruption in their ability to fly. This outcome would be simply unacceptable to most Navy or Air Force pilots.’

Only one of 144 reports of UFOs – or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena as the government calls them – can be explained while the others can barely be classified 

The government report says there are 144 reported UFOs – or UAPs – between 2004 and 2021. 

These reports include a spherical flying object buzzing over Navy warships and disappearing into the Pacific ocean, a tic-tac shaped flying object mimicking Super Hornet pilots’ maneuvers and pyramid-shaped flying objects. 

The only one that can be explained with ‘high confidence’ is a deflated balloon. 

Because the reported UAPs showed unusual flight characteristics and displayed a range of appearances and behaviors, the report groups the UAPs into five categories.  

1. Airborne clutter – These objects include birds, balloons, recreational unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or airborne debris like plastic bags that muddle a scene and affect an operator’s ability to identify true targets, such as enemy aircraft.

2. Natural atmospheric phenomena – Natural atmospheric phenomena includes ice crystals, moisture and thermal fluctuations that may register on some infrared and radar systems.

3. USG or U.S. industry developmental programs –  Some UAP observations could be attributable to developments and classified programs by U.S. entities. The report states, ‘We were unable to confirm, however, that these systems accounted for any of the UAP reports we collected.’

4. Foreign adversary systems – Some UAP may be technologies deployed by China, Russia, another nation, or a non-governmental entity but the report says the US is unaware that any nation has technology that’s been reported.

5. A catchall ‘other’ bin – Most of the UAP described in the dataset probably remain unidentified due to limited data or challenges to collection processing or analysis and may require additional scientific knowledge and advances to categorize them. ‘The UAPTF intends to focus additional analysis on the small number of cases where a UAP appeared to display unusual flight characteristics or signature management,’ according to the report.

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