MISSING: Saige Stiles 15-Years-Old Girl From Florida Found In Good Health State After Missing, Check Out Photos & Family Details!


Missing: Saige Stiles 15-year-old girl from Florida found in good health after missing, see photos and family details! , #MISSING #Saige #Stiles #15YearsOld #Girl #Florida #Good #Health #State #Missing #Check #Photos #Family #Details Welcome to OLASMEDIA TV BlogThis is what we have for you today:

Shocking news is reportedly coming in that a 15-year-old girl named Seg Stiles walked to her school in St. Lucie, Florida on Monday morning, but never returned, according to police. , they found her schoolbag and phone along with a known location. Saige Stiles was at the top on Wednesday after she told her friends she was being followed. The footage was taken under the wreckage of the camera she was last seen. The case surprised and shocked everyone, and now parents of other students are starting to worry about their children. Stay tuned to our website OLASMediaTV.com for more updates! ! !

Who is Seg Stiles from Florida?

According to the “Survival” footage from the camera, the girl didn’t look sad or endangered, she was just casually watching and walking around the area. The last time she was seen in the park, he was wearing black jeans and a grey long-sleeved shirt, and her friends and family were very concerned about the 15-year-old. She has her hair in a ponytail and her body color is white. Speaking of the obvious she is about 5 feet 5 inches tall and she weighs a whopping 120 pounds.

Saige Stiles Florida: Wikipedia Biography and Age

She has brown hair and police found his bag and phone on the sidewalk. Investigators are trying to investigate the case and they are also trying to get in touch with her family to learn more about their history so they can find any leads. According to police, it appears to have been a planned kidnapping, but they have no information or clues. Police in Port St. Lucie, Florida, are investigating and searching after Elite told friends on the phone that she didn’t know she was being followed.She was observed on video walking around the SW Hawthorne CIR and SW Paar areas at around 11:50am

Even though we are doing our best to communicate with the community, if they see or observe this girl, they can call 911. Saige Stiles is an excellent student, her family is very worried about her, they are praying and hope she will be back home soon, they have contacted investigators and authorities say they have been cooperative and they are working to find out more about information on this case. They said they would increase police presence in these areas so they could find missing girls or 40 students walking to school in common areas, and they used helicopters and hunting dogs to search for Stiles.

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