Muvhango Actress Getting Married?


Is the Muvhango actress married? revealed: Muvhango actors Gabriel Temudzani and Maumela Mahuwa made headlines after confirming they were both a real-life couple. Yes, we’re talking about the stars of the popular TV show “Muvhango” who kept their love on screen for years. Gabriel and Momella are one of the best onscreen couples on South African television.

Recently, the two officially announced that they are a couple and are about to get married. Since the news that they are together, everyone has been looking for more details about their relationship. In this article, you will get all the details about the stars and their relationships.

Is the Muvhango actress married?

According to reports, Muvhango stars Maumela Mahuwa and Gabriel Temudzani have officially confirmed that they are a real-life couple.

According to verified sources, the cast apparently even shared meals with each other during set breaks and even shared rooms when they were out shooting. Speaking in the Daily Sun about their love, Gabriel said that after keeping their relationship a secret for a long time, he is finally free to walk with his girl.

 He added: “Yes, we are getting married in real life. I can’t give too much because this is something new for me.” Madeira told the People to stop bothering her about her private life because she didn’t share with the media. Muvhango’s publicist Thanduxolo Jindela confirmed the pair were a couple.

The couple is getting married this month and other plans are still in the pipeline, he said. He added: “Obviously, Muvhango will be sponsoring their high-end wedding with a well-known SA celebrity wedding planner. It will be this year’s wedding.”

Gabriel Temudzani is a famous South African actor and TV presenter. He is best known as the lead Vhafuwi Azwindini on SABC 2’s TV soap opera Muvhango since 2000. He also appeared in “Dogs and Horror Nights” in theaters, for which he won a Vita Award.

He is also the host of La Familia. In 2013, he married Refilwe Temudzani. Momela Mahua, on the other hand, is a famous actress who is currently in the spotlight after announcing her plans for marriage to longtime co-star Gabriel Tedmuzzani. The couple will marry this month. Stay tuned to us for all the latest updates.


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