My daughter was left paralysed by her thug ex – after 18 months she finally hugged me back, it’s a miracle


The mum of a girl paralyzed by her thug ex has revealed the moment she finally hugged her.

Angel Lynn, then 19, fell from a van at 60mph after being snatched by Chay Bowskill – and was pictured grabbing her “like a ragdoll”.

Now, Angel’s mum Nikki has revealed the moment her teenage daughter finally embraced her after 18 months of grueling treatment.

Nikki, 47, told the Mirror: “She just put her hand on my back and started slapping me.

“She didn’t hug much before, a typical teenager, but if you’re not happy, she’ll give you a hug. It’s special to have that hug now.”

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Angel’s evil ex Boskill, 20, grabbed his then-girlfriend “like a ragdoll” and threw her into the back seat of a van in Rosley, Leicestershire.

The teenager overturned the vehicle at 60mph and was left with catastrophic brain damage. She cannot eat, walk or talk.

But she soon made a series of stunning breakthroughs.

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Her mum told how her daughter hugged her, tried to smile and kiss her – and she has now been referred to a speech therapist.

Currently, Angel is writing down the answers to the questions. These included “what do you want” – she replied “chocolate”.

“A doctor called me once and said, ‘Nicky, you’re going to have to accept Angie isn’t going to get through this,'” Mom added.

“His original words were ‘miracles do happen, but as far as Angel is concerned, there are no miracles’.

A miracle happened. That hug was a miracle.

“But there was a miracle. That hug was a miracle.”

Angel stopped studying public service at university after befriending convicted criminal Bowskill.

Her mum says she didn’t know her daughter was dating an abuser – and was shocked to read the horrific information her daughter endured.

In March, Angel’s family said Bowskill “got what he deserved” after more than doubling his sentence.

He was caged for seven and a half years in total – but he only served half of his sentence.

He could have been released in June 2024, given the time already on remand.

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After referring Bowskill’s sentence to an appeals court under an overly lenient scheme, a senior judge today more than doubled his sentence.

Angel’s brave family gasped when the mob was told he had been sentenced to 16 years and three months in prison.

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