Naagin 6 Today’s Episode 9th April 2022 All Naagins Are Coming To Save Pratha


Naagin 6 Today’s Episode 9 April 9, 2022 All Naagins to Save Pratha, #Naagin #Todays #Episode #9th #April #Naagins #Coming #Save #Pratha Welcome to 50 Mind BlogHere is our latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

Hi all Naagin lovers, the weekend is finally here with a fresh release of your favorite TV series “Naagin Season 6” so get ready for the April 9th ​​2022 episode to bring you a high pressure Episodes eagerly await. As Pratha and Mehak are ready to carry out their further plans to kill the demons who are still alive out of the 20 as they have already killed about 2 including this one, Rishabh is suspicious of them as he wants to figure out everything , so below you can get everything you need to know.

The most recent episode begins, you’ll be streaming, and finally Mehak’s good times will end, and her evil side will join Pratha and Shalakha in their true side, destroying everything while grabbing “Naagmani”. But it turned out to be heartbreaking for Prasha because she didn’t even think her own sister would play such a bad game with her in this way. But in the midst of it all, her rage will come to a head because the way she betrayed her was so bad.

Naagin 6 today’s episode

  • Mehak and Shalakha try to kill Pratha
  • All the Naagins are ready for the show

Later, when Saraka and Mehar reach the Nier Hill fort, they see Prata there and decide to close her chapter forever so that they too can take “Naagmani and her place”. So both came up to her and said that now her chapter is coming to an end and if she knows the exact location of “Naagmani” then she should not hesitate to tell him before it’s too late. Pratha lashed out at both, especially her older sister “Mehak”, who asked her why she did all this, even though she knew their enemies were close and could kill them at any time to get the “Naagmani”.

Meanwhile, both attack Pratha to kill her because she has what they want, but Pratha recalls the Naagins who fought for good to save “Naagmani”, that’s all the Naagins came to help her reason. All in all, with the latest installment, all of the Naagins before it will be on the show, which will definitely make you feel otherworldly. So don’t miss playing it on Colors at the right time, and stay tuned to us for more updates.

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