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‘One Class at a Time’ recognizes Skyview High School teacher – Brospar Daily News

Q2, Western Security Bank, City Brew Coffee and the Billings Public Schools Education Foundation team up to create “One Class at a Time”. This is a program that recognizes teachers who go above and beyond and help their students.

“Who’s going home?”


This week we visited Skyview High School in recognition of Colter Pierce, a teacher who used an unconventional approach to get students interested in the subject at hand.

“Sometimes, when you have a class of 30 students, you have to do everything you can to stay focused,” Mr Pierce said.

“If you’re lying on the floor like I did yesterday, walking on the table, dancing to the ‘Mulan’ song, that’s what you have to do. To some people, it might seem a little wrong , but yeah, it’s just something you have to do sometimes to get the attention of 30 teens.”

An interesting fact about Mr. Pierce is that he was not only a teacher at Skyview, but a former student.

“Skyview has been a part of my life since I was born. My dad taught here when school started. My sisters all graduated from here. So, I don’t know, even when I graduated, I Think I told Ms. Pomeroy, too, that she’s here a few doors, and I’ll teach her a few doors one day, and, sure enough, five years later I was.”

As a teacher who works hard to spark student curiosity to keep them engaged, Mr. Pierce received a $500 grant from Western Security Bank and a $150 gift card from City Brew Coffee. Congratulations!

If you would like to nominate a teacher, Click here. Next, we may recognize a well-deserved teacher at your school.

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