Pallavi Dey’s Partner or Husband Arrested In Her Death Case


Who was Sagnik Chakraborty, Pallavi Dey’s partner or husband arrested in her death case: At present, the news of the death of a Bangladeshi TV actress is going viral on the Internet. It made a splash on Bengali TV’s fertility rate. She left her family, friends and fans devastated. Her death was announced on May 15, 2022. She is a very famous and talented Bengali actress. Netizens were shocked when news of her death hit the media. They are not ready to believe this fact. So let’s find out all about the actress’ death. Follow for more updates on

Who is Sagnik Chakraborty?

Pallavi Dey is a very talented Bengali actress who lives with her boyfriend Sagnik Chakraborty. They lived together for a long time. When the news that Pallavi was gone, everyone was curious to know the cause of her death.

Bangladeshi actress Pallavi reportedly committed suicide at her residence. Her body was found hanging from a fan in the room. Pallavi’s family again filed a complaint against Pallavi’s boyfriend Sagnik Chakraborty and friend Oindrila at the Garfa Police Station in Kolkata. Her body was found in the South Kolkata flat she shared with her boyfriend Sagnik. After a lengthy interrogation with Sagnik police, Pallavi’s boyfriend Sagnik was arrested.

Partner or husband Sagnik Chakraborty of Pallavi Dey

According to the actress’s parents, who committed suicide because of Sagnick, they claimed to him that he was married, and when the fact became known to Pallavi, she couldn’t get the fact and took the step. He lied that he was not married to anyone, when in fact he was.

The actress’ parents suspect Sagnik Chakraborty and Oindrilla of murder and extortion. Police have started investigating the case. Police called Sagnick on Tuesday to ask about his relationship with Pallavi and other details about the suicide. As reported this Sunday before the Bangladeshi actress’s death, Pallavi and Sagnik had a very heated fight. After that, Sagnick left the house to buy cigarettes and returned to find Pallavi’s body wrapped in a ceiling fan, so he called the police.

Sagnik Chakraborty arrested Pallavi Day death case

According to the actress’ parents, Sagnick was cheating on her, which is why they were fighting. The actress’ father, Nilu Dey, said he was taking advantage of his daughter, but she loved him very much. He used to use her car and other things. Even Pallavi once gave him expensive gifts. So according to the actress’ parents, Sagnick was the reason for her suicide.


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