Pratha Determined To Kill Rehaan


Naagin 6 April 10, 2022 Complete Works Written Update: If April 10, 2022, we will receive a written episode update for “Naagin 6”. This episode begins with the biggest test in the series. You’re going to love tonight’s episode because there’s going to be something viewers didn’t expect and you must be very eager to grab this update. So you’re on the right platform as we’ll be updating you tonight with full episodes. The series is going well because it has a huge fan base and all the fans are always curious about getting written updates for the next episodes. Follow for more updates on

Naagin 6 April 10, 2022 Complete Collection

In tonight’s episode, we’ll see Prata in a black saree, she’s wearing it, and she’s looking gorgeous. She actually looked as good as her husband looked at her, he would fall into her eyes. The way she approached him looked attractive and he was happy to see her. But there will be a twist later on tonight’s episode. Her husband and his girlfriend are in the room. When Pratha entered a room, she noticed him and it hurt her. After that, a lot of questions popped up in her mind, and she desperately needed answers to every one of them.

So she asked what he and his girlfriend were doing here. Doesn’t he know he’s married now that he can’t do such a thing? He was angry afterwards, and in his anger he used to yell at her and accuse her of being pregnant with her ex-boyfriend. Plasha lost his temper when he heard this, and he tapped the spacer. Then she said to him, “You don’t dare to talk to me like this, or I won’t let you go next time.”

But you also see in the series that they fall in love with each other and it takes time for them to realize their feelings for each other. It will be interesting how they will express their love for each other. Beyond that, we’ll see many challenges in Pratah’s life that she’ll handle wisely, so don’t forget to watch the full episode on Colors Tv.

Naagin 6 April 10, 2022 Written update

This is a written episode update for “Naagin 6” on April 10, 2022. The episode starts off with a huge drama, and we’re going to see things so hard for Pratha. She’s going to face something so unexpected to her, and she’s going to be suspicious of it, which makes her desperately need it. But somehow, it was also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her. She will also be seen as busy finding the exact truth, but it will not be easy for her and for that you just have to keep an eye on it.

Later we will see that all the family members are very busy at the party and they are also very excited. Each of them is very happy with the party, but Plata is in trouble and it will be difficult to get out of it. Mehak is on her side too, and she’s in trouble too, so they’ll both see they’ve put a lot of effort into finding out the truth. But they need time to understand that the new guy is the culprit.

So the assumption you guys eat is correct, there will be a new entry in the show and the only culprit. So on tonight’s show, we’re going to see this new entry as the villain because he’s also one of those people obsessed with affecting or hurting the country. His entry is so suspended, but later, his truth will be revealed before Pratha. He wears a hat and suit, which completes his role nicely.

On top of that, we’ll see Pratha start following the new guy in the house and she won’t leave him at all. But he was smart enough to keep himself safe. But Pratha is more important than him, she’ll catch him, and then she’ll commit a crime as she really is, and start getting attacked. But the question is will she actually kill him?So if you want to know the details don’t forget to watch the full episodes on colour tv channels


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