Sarah Everard’s killer Wayne Couzens to stand trial for 4 counts of indecent exposure including ‘flashing at McDonald’s’


SARAH Everard’s killer Wayne Couzens appeared in the dock this afternoon charged with four counts of indecent exposure, including flashing while driving at a McDonald’s.

The alleged crime took place between January and February 2021, with the last charge apparently taking place 72 hours before Sarah was taken from the street.

All of the alleged incidents took place in Swanley, Kent, prosecutors said.

In March last year, Couzens, 49, was handed a rare lifetime tariff for kidnapping, raping and murdering the 33-year-old man.

He was a serving Metropolitan Police officer in the force’s Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command at the time of the terrorist incident.

The monster appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court this afternoon via a prison video link.

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Couzens, currently being held at HMP Frankland in Durham. Just to confirm his name and date of birth.

He wore a gray prison uniform and had a long, bushy white beard.

Chief Sheriff Paul Goldspring told Lag: “You have been charged with four offences in relation to the Sexual Offences Act.

“You gave no indication of any pleas.

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“You heard they were fit to stand trial in this court.

“According to your rights, you have chosen the Crown Court trial.”

Couzens was remanded in custody ahead of his next court appearance, which is due in Old Bailey on May 11.

The indecent exposure charge was lodged with Scotland Yard on 28 February 2021.

Scotland Yard has previously said the McDonald’s allegations were “allocated for investigation” but “not closed at the time of Sarah’s kidnapping”.

It then gave its opinion to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) on how to handle the case.

The regulator’s findings will not be released until any criminal trials have concluded.

“Following the submission of evidence by the Metropolitan Police, CPS has authorized four counts of indecent exposure against Wayne Couzens,” said Rosemary Ainslie, CPS Special Crimes Unit chief.

“The four alleged offences occurred between January 2021 and February 2021.

“The function of the CPS is not to decide whether a person has committed a criminal offence, but to make a fair, independent and objective assessment of suitability to bring charges to court.

monster cop on the dock

“Criminal proceedings are ongoing and nothing should be released that could jeopardize the defendant’s right to a fair trial.”

The Couzens lured Sarah into the car under the pretext of arresting Sarah for violating Covid regulations.

Even though he was driving a rented car, he used his authorization card to convince her that the detention was legal.

He then drove 80 miles to Kent, where he raped her and then strangled her with his police belt.

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Couzens last year joined the grim ranks of British criminals who will die in prison after receiving lifetime tariffs.

Due to Kutzen’s abuse of power, Justice Fulford imposed the rare order, which is owned by only 61 criminals in the UK.

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