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The husband of late gospel music star Osinaki has a “secret” wife and child outside of their tumultuous marriage, it has been revealed.

It is believed that Nwachukwu married the woman with whom he had a romantic relationship at church, but kept the marriage a secret from Osinachi and his family.

The relationship began before Nwachukwu sought the marriage of the late gospel entertainer and is believed to have gone south after the woman bore him a child.

The facts surfaced when a child of the late Gospel star found an old photo album in his father’s room.

The child, whose name was withheld for obvious reasons, said their mother suspected their father had a secret affair, but was unable to find any concrete evidence.

Recounting how he discovered the photo album that exposed Mr. Nwachukwu’s secrets, the child said: “One day, my father was away and forgot to lock his room. So, I went in and a voice inside told me to explore the room. Then, I looked When I got to the album, out of curiosity, I opened it and saw old photos of my dad. From the photos, I could see that my dad lived a wayward life.”

“So, I closed the photo album and put it where Dad hid it. I couldn’t tell Mom or anyone because I was so scared Dad was going to kill me if he found out I knew the pictures. Mom used to be in Dad’s Looked for something like this (album) in the room, but couldn’t find anything.”

Meanwhile, already distraught relatives of the late gospel singer are stunned to learn that Mr Peter Nwachuku was in Osina early after the child brought out the hidden secret album for the world to see. Qi’s church had previously married another woman in the church. Married about 10 years ago.

A family source also told Vanguard, “We never knew Nwachukwu had been married to another woman before. If we had known ot before, we probably wouldn’t have allowed Osinachi to marry him. Osinachi must have been through a lot, unfortunately, She’s been staying away from us.”

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