Sir Paul McCartney halts Glastonbury Gig Over concerns For Audience Member


Legendary singer Sir Paul McCartney made history tonight by becoming the oldest performer to make headlines at Worthy Farm at the age of 80

Sir Paul McCartney halts Glastonbury show over fears of audience

Sir Paul McCartney stops the Glastonbury gig to check the audience

Sir Paul McCartney stopped his headline performance tonight at the Glastonbury festival to check on an audience.

The legendary singer made history tonight by becoming Worthy Farm’s oldest actor ever at the age of 80.

But Paul paused his tribute to Jimi Hendrix to make sure festivalgoers were okay.

A source told the Mirror: “As soon as Paul came on stage, the crowd went crazy for him.

“He was paying tribute to Jimi Hendrix when he stopped to check on someone in the crowd.”

Sir Paul McCartney stopped his headline gig at Glastonbury tonight


Daily Mirror)

The iconic musician was greeted with applause from the audience as soon as he took the stage.

“It’s great to be here,” he told festival-goers. “We should have done this three years ago.”

As the crowd serenaded him, Paul said emotionally: “Okay, here we are. We’ve got some old songs, we’ve got some new songs, we’ve got some middlemen.

“I have a feeling we’re going to have a great time tonight!”

Excited audience watching legendary musician on stage



He went on to dedicate his piano version of “My Lover” to his wife Nancy, who was in the audience watching his Glastonbury Band.

“The next song I’m going to do is that I wrote for my wife, Nancy, who is in the audience with us tonight, and this song is for you, Nancy,” he said.

Sir Paul performed at the Pyramid Stage in 2004.

He dedicated a song to his wife



His much-anticipated performance comes after Worthy Farm welcomed Billie Eilish, the festival’s youngest-ever headliner.

Before Saturday’s big show, Sir Paul gave a secretly sold-out intimate pub gig on Friday.

The PS I Love You singer played in front of 600 people at a small venue in Frome called Cheese & Grain.

He told the crowd, “Good evening, Fromm. Why do I think we’re going to have a good time? We’ve got some old songs and some new ones, and some songs in between.”


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