Sirf Tum Written Update Today’s Episode 14th April 2022 Ansh & Vikrant’s Truth Comes Out


The latest episode of the color series Sirf Tum begins with Mamta. She said love is not guaranteed. She said she loved her family and husband very much, but she knew his father had made some mistakes in the past. Mamta added that she will never forget how he gave her a lovely son who loved his mother more than his life. She told Ranveer that his father may seem strict, but he loves him. She said he would know for himself.

Vikrant, on the other hand, tells Ansh that he has no chance because he only has one son, Ranveer. He said Ranveer owns the rights to his house and he will not let anyone take his house. Ansh said he would have to tell the world his secret. He added that he could prove they were father and son. Vikrant smiled. Here, Mamta asks Ranveer to tell the truth to Suhani because she loves him very much and will not disrespect her when she learns the truth.

Here, Anch understands that Vikrant’s weakness is Ranveer, and considers using him against Vikrant. Ansh met Ranveer while riding a bike. He started his bike, but Ranveer stopped it. Ranveer tells him that he will never be part of the Oberoi family, and heads to the academy to meet Suhani. Since Mamta asked Ranveer to tell her the truth, Ranveer looked around for her. Here, Suhani goes to Sudha and asks her to keep her passport. Suda asked her what happened, and she said that Ansh wanted her to go to Mauritius with him.

Suda told her not to cry because she would carry her passport with her. Sudha further said that even Rakesh told her not to continue the fake relationship with Ansh and said that Ranveer loved her too. Later, Ansh met Suhani and proposed to drop her out of school. Suhani asks ho not to worry because she will go by herself, but Ansh insists. At the same time, Ansh called Peer and asked him to hand over the documents to Sunai. The same goes for hard labor. Sunai is shocked when she sees the documents, as she finds out that Ansh is the son of Vikrant and Asha. For more updates, keep following us.


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