Tejaswi Madivada Get Eliminated From Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu


Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Non-Stop Elimination: Tejaswi Madivada was eliminated from Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu: Bigg Boss Non-Stop is coming to its sixth week. After the past week, the show has become very interesting and entertaining.

Week 5 kicked off with a red-hot TRP and the stunning Mumaith Khan re-entry. This week has seen heated arguments and squabbles among the contestants, making the episodes even spicier and worth watching. It’s the weekend and all the fans are eagerly awaiting the weekend episodes as the hosts will be teaching the contestants based on their performances throughout the week. In this article, we bring some information about this week’s elimination, so stay tuned.

Bigg Boss eliminates nonstop

BB Ultimate enters its fifth week, and we’ve seen clashes and heated arguments among the contestants. In addition to that, we have players who are doing their best to carry out the mission. The contestants of the show are all going all out to move forward in the competition until the end. This week, seven players were nominated for this week’s knockout rounds. Here is the list of nominees at risk this week:

 Bigg Boss Non-Stop Knockout Week 6 – Who’s Eliminated Bigg Boss Non-Stop This Week – Bigg Boss Non-Stop disuse

Bigg Boss nominates this week’s nonstop list of contestants

  1. Anil Rasode
  2. Tejasvi
  3. Ariana
  4. Mitra
  5. Slavonia
  6. Bindu
  7. Shiva

According to the results of the online poll, Tejaswi and Sravanthi are in the danger zone. However, Sravanthi received fewer votes this week and therefore has a higher chance of being evicted. Every contestant is working hard to make it to the finals of the show because everyone wants to get the beautiful trophy from Bigg Boss Non-Stop. Now, it will be interesting to see who will be eliminated.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop final poll results for week 6

  1. Bindhu – 28% vote share
  2. Shiva – 15% vote share
  3. Ariane – 12% vote share
  4. Anil Rathod – 11% vote share
  5. Tejaswi – 10% vote share
  6. Mitraaw – 10% vote share
  7. Sravanthi – 6% vote share

Well, BB Non-Stop became exciting and fun and received a huge response from the audience. It’s a digital version of the Telugu BB that gets the same response. Audiences showed great affection and attention to the contestants who displayed a high level of entertainment. Each contestant currently has a solid fan base. Every week, fans vote for their favorite contestants, lest they be eliminated. Viewers are currently awaiting weekend episodes to find out which contestants will move on in Week 6. Don’t forget to watch tonight’s episode of “Bigg Boss Non-Stop” on Disney+ Hots.

Bigg Boss is streamed non-stop on the Ott platform. Updates to the show will keep everyone so entertained. The show’s hosts will be seen lashing out at the prisoners because of their actions in the final episodes. Telugu’s audience is interesting. Bigg Boss Twekesugu Ott is doing very well and has a huge audience.

Bigg Boss Uninterrupted, Written Episodes Update for April 3, 2022:-

The show host will use his words to make you all so happy. He was furious at them. As prisoners attack each other on the show. And then see him tell them their image is affecting the outside, which will also lead to a shortage of your votes.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop is the most popular show, with a huge fan base who are eager to see who faces elimination tonight. So, if we look at the voting trend data, Bindu Madhavi is at the top of the voting list with the highest number of votes, which means she will not be eliminated. His next name is Shiva and since he is also second in the approval rating, he is safe.

But the bottom line has two names. We are talking about Tehaswi and Sravanthi, both are in the danger zone because they have the fewest votes. Elimination is the most frustrating part of the show, but it has to be done because this is the format of the show. And elimination is the only way to represent the most deserving show title.

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