Udaariyaan 9th April 2022 Written Update & Episode Fateh Praises Khushbir Singh


Udaariyaan April 9, 2022 Written Update and Episode Fateh Praise Khushbir Singh, #Udaariyaan #9th #April #Written #Update #Episode #Fateh #Praises #Khushbir #Singh Welcome to 50 Mind BlogHere is our latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

The upcoming Udaariyaan episode will be overwhelming and you will see Tejo go to meet Fateh so that she can make it clear to him to get the case back from Jasmine because now everything is settled and if he does something then everything will be Another mystery. But Fatah refused to retract the case, saying he would definitely make sure Molly gets a proper sentence for all of the things she did in the past. At the same time, he mentioned that there is no need for him to understand because nothing will happen right now.

Meanwhile, Fateh made some derogatory remarks about Tejo, accusing her of sharing her space with Angad Maan while addressing illegal relationships. In short, he indirectly accused her of having no personality, which made her angry enough, so she slapped him in such a way that his cheeks were shaking. Meanwhile, Tejo mentions that she can’t even think he can make such a statement, even though she knows she can’t do anything wrong to her. But even so, how dare he question her character.

Tejo, on the other hand, goes back to her house and is shocked to see Jasmine, because she decides to visit Virk House in order to apologize to the whole family for what she has done in the past. But Tejo stops her, saying she doesn’t need to go there, and releases everything she did to Fateh a few minutes ago. Also mentioning that no matter what happens, she shouldn’t go there because they won’t accept anything she says, because they are blindfolded by Fatah and his remarks, so she makes Jasmine understand everything.

Later, Jasmine runs into Amric during an early morning walk and tries to apologize, but he vents his anger and says he won’t accept her apology as long as Fatah forgives Taejo. Meanwhile, Jasmine takes Amric’s hand on her head and asks if he doesn’t love her, please make it clear, but Amric doesn’t say anything to show that he still loves her. Then Tejo went to the election office and praised Khushbir for his good deeds, so they agreed to give him an election vote, so don’t miss playing it on Colors at the right time, follow us for more details.

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