Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 12th April 2022 Angad & Fateh Gets Into The Fight


Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 12 April 2022 Angad and Fateh go into battle #Udaariyaan #Todays #Episode #12th #April #Angad #Fateh #Fight Welcome 50 Mind BlogHere is our latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

The April 12, 2022 episode of Udaariyaan will be a more dramatic ad, just enough to show you a bizarre feud between Angad Mann and Fateh. Under this, Fateh loses his cool and starts attacking Angad in front of Tejo, mentioning that the way he pretends to care about her seems fake and that he knows everything. So sooner or later he will definitely show his true face and at the same time Tejo arrives and sees Fateh is fighting Angad, so she stops the two by such remarks.

Meanwhile, Tejo slams Fateh, mentioning how he dared to hit Angad Mann in front of her, and warns him to stay away from her life as she doesn’t want him to create any worst obstacles in front of him, as he has already done . At the same time, she left the place holding Angad’s hand, but Fateh continued to look at her and felt sorry for her because she was again betrayed by Angad Maan whom she did not see. But he vowed to show Angad’s true side to the entire Sandhu family so they could cut all ties with him.

Meanwhile, Angad Mann says that everything is going the way he wants, and in the future, he will carry out more conspiracies, so Fateh and Tejo can’t even imagine getting close to each other at all costs.But somewhere, Fatah is getting acquainted with his plans, so he decides to take any step in a very sensible way without even showing any flaws, because anything can give him any problems, he Also needed to save Tejo’s life, so he decided to answer Angad in his own voice

In the last episode, as viewers saw, both the Sandhu family and the Vic family were ahead in the election, and it looks like the competition will be more intense this time around. Because both are well-known among the people, it is impossible to predict who will win the election. But for Tejo, both Khushbir Singh and Rupi are important and she will be happy for them whoever wins. So don’t miss playing it on Colors at the right time and stay tuned to us for more details.

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