Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 14th April 2022 Written Update Spoilers Alert


In the latest episode of Udaariyaan, we see everyone stunned to see Tejo in the video clip. Rupy shut down his video and Fateh stopped his video of Tejo. She further said that she didn’t expect you to bend so low. Angad took her hand and Fateh walked over to them. Abhiraj asked Fateh to leave immediately. Fatah said he did not think he did anything wrong and did not know who recorded the video. Gurpreet can do this heinous act. It’s just that Rupt has a panic attack, and he falls down clutching his chest. Get more information on Udaariyaan’s written update.

Tejo and Jasmin are horrified to see their fathers Angad and Abhiraj handle Rupy and take him away. Khushbeer asked Fateh about the video, and Fateh said he knew nothing about the video. Fateh then says he has to leave because Tejo needs her now. Tejo arrives at the hospital with Rupy and yells at the doctor. Ruby then rushed to the operating room. Sati began to sob when she saw her husband in such a situation. But Angard reassures her that Dr. Pradhan is one of the best surgeons and that Ruby will be fine soon.

Kusbir, who was there, asked who recorded the video, and he further said that he would withdraw his nomination in the election. Satti said that Rupy never believed that Fateh liked Tejo. Such activities are common in elections, Khurana said. Khushbeer said Rupy was his relative and he couldn’t do that to him. Khusbeer further said that Tejo is my daughter and if someone humiliates her it means it’s his humiliation. Then he left to meet Ruby.

Amrik and Fateh were both on their way to the hospital, and Amri said he was nervous. Fateh is also nervous about Tejo and Rupy. That’s when they got to the hospital and asked Amrik to park the car. Jasmine came to Amrik and said her father had a heart attack. Amrik comforts her by hugging her and saying that everything will be fine.

Jasmine apologized to Amrik again and said she was going to the reception to do some formalities. Amrik said he would come with you to help you. She further asked why Fatah did this to Tejo. Fateh didn’t do anything, Amrik explained. Tune in to Colors TV at 7pm and watch exclusive episodes. Stay tuned to Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.


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