Udaariyaan Today’s Written Update 14th May 2022: Tejo Reveals The Truth


Udaariyaan’s Written Update Today May 14, 2022: Tejo Reveals the Truth, #Udaariyaan #Todays #Written #Update #14th #Tejo #Reveals #Truth Welcome to OLASSMED IA TV BLOGThis is what we have for you today:

Hello everyday soap lovers, your favorite TV series “Udariaan” has finally shown its spatial ace while subverting the plot. Yes, you heard that right, with the upcoming broadcast, you’ll be a witness to something charismatic, as Tejo appears in front of the entire Virk in a police officer’s costume. Everyone was shocked to see her like this because they didn’t expect her to show up in this way because they initially thought she was dead but since she was ahead it got everyone talking.

Meanwhile, Khushbir Singh approached her and tried to hug her as he thought she was his daughter, but she stopped him spontaneously, saying she was not Tejo. But Khushbir said his eyes don’t lie so please stop manipulating him because he already knows everything. But she was firm in her words, mentioning that no matter what happened, they couldn’t act like this against her. Even the rest of the family came over to ask Tejo why she was acting like a stranger to them, and she didn’t respond at all despite knowing they cared about her.

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Meanwhile, Taniya unleashes everything by letting everyone know she’s Tejo’s doppelganger, Taniya Gill, who’s here to find out the truth about Tejo’s murder. So there’s no need to take her as their daughter-in-law, because she’s not the one in their minds, she shows them her ID as a police officer and keeps them away for a while, because as long as she finds some powerful people behind her passing thing. Khushbir Singh understood that maybe she was right because if Tejo came, she could make her stop like she did.

In the last episode of the audience stream, Taniya made Fateh understand that she is not Tejo, so he doesn’t need to make any comments. Even she expresses her grief for the loss of Amrik as he lost his life in saving her from Angad Mann, but ensures that he will be properly sentenced for slaughtering Amrik in this way. In short, she closed Angad Mann’s chapter while sending him to prison. So don’t miss playing it on Colors at the right time and stay tuned to us for more details.

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