VIDEO: Patrick Lyoya Death Video, Grand Rapids Police Officer Fatally Shot Black Man In Michigan, Shooting CCTV Footage!


VIDEO: Patrick Lyoya death video, Grand Rapids police shooting black man in Michigan, CCTV footage! , #VIDEO #Patrick #Lyoya #Death #Video #Grand #Rapids #Police #Officer #Fatally #Shot #Black #Man #Michigan #Shooting #CCTV #Footage Welcome to OLASMEDIA TV BlogThis is what we have for you today:

On Thursday, investigators in Cimalay, Pa., released multiple photos of a police officer’s confrontation with Patrick Leoia late last month, three of which showed a fatal shooting during a fight after a vehicle inspection. . An unidentified police officer can be seen in about half an hour of content provided by authorities in Traverse, Michigan, at a news conference. Even the police were after Lyoya, who started walking back from the building. Lyoya then fled straight up to the cameras, and police followed him into the garage before arresting him. Follow our website for the latest updates! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Patrick Leoia death video

This video clearly shows that this would be an unwarranted, unreasonable and deadly act of violence against an unarmed black man who was confused by the interaction and feared for his safety,” Crump said. Lyoya confirmed he said was in English and his driver’s license was in the car. He unlocked the right rear window of the vehicle and communicated with an unnamed person in the car. Lyoya told police his driver’s license was in the van and then next to the car waiting

Who is Patrick Leoia?cause of death

For more than thirty seconds, the door was left open except that it was not closed. “Nothing, no,” the police said, as they tried to shove Lyoya onto the hood of a car allegedly operated by the criminal. The police body cameras were turned off at this time. Winstrom said it took three minutes to press the button to turn off the recording device, adding that he believed the shutdown was triggered by the weight of Lyoya’s torso. Additional view of the incident, this time from a house recording device in the area.

Patrick Lyoya – Wikipedia Biography and Family

I believe the next inquiry will be on the use of coercion in policy making, and no, I don’t actually comment on that. According to Winstrom, whenever an accident occurs, the cop completes his morning assignment within minutes. He is on administrative leave and has been deprived of his authority to await a conclusion. The question, however, will be, in the eyes of a competent security guard, how to take lethal action to avoid physical harm that would injure and kill the commander. “

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