What is Chelong TikTok?Another TikTok song has gone viral, and TikTokers have been making videos on it and uploading them to the platform. Yes, we’re talking about the TikTok song Car Dragon that has completely taken over the platform. It is known that some TikTok songs have gone viral on the platform and many TikTok users have included them in their videos. Now, another song is popular on the platform, and that is the car dragon song. There are many people looking for details about this song. Here we bring all the details about the TikTok viral song Car Dragon.

What is Chelong TikTok?

Everyone knows all too well that TikTokers have never failed to delight their audience with innovative content that no one can get enough of. There is no doubt that TikTok users deserve credit for providing quality content on the platform. TikTok have come up with new and amazing trends in a very short period of time. The entire community is very supportive of the platform and its popularity among people. Many TikTokers made videos for the new song, called Car Dragon, which is currently going viral.

Chelong TikTok City Dictionary Meaning

The TikTok song “Car Dragon” has been trending on the platform, and users have been making videos asking them to record their own videos before and after finding the “Car Dragon” song. Also, people make reaction videos where they need to react in the same way as the song. When uploading videos of new Tik Tok songs, users are using hashtags in the title section of their short videos to create content about the challenger. So far, the video’s challenge has received rave reviews. ‘

So far, the person who made the video of the car dragon song has garnered thousands of likes and views. This trend is a great way for anyone looking to increase followers as well as likes and views. The original video, posted by @bebardii, has over 895.5 likes and over 4.7 million views. The Car Dragon song is the new craze on TikTok at this time, and the song focuses on the reaction to the lyrics of the song “Car Dragon”. The lyrics of the song are “Get up from my face, you idiot, hey Souja boy can I (yes the trick) Yo Arab I really like your trick.” Stay tuned for us soon Get all the latest updates.

The social media platform has become a well-known brand on the internet, and for many users around the world, it feels like their home. People spend a long time on social media these days, they spend their time on social media because they are all attracted to these platforms. There are trends on social media platforms to keep users connected to it, you never know when your content becomes so popular on social media platforms.

Already, some users have started commenting on the words “story time” and “crop” under other TikTokers’ videos. So one of those recipes also started to catch on. The recipe is “Brownies”.

How to filter TikTok comments?

Tik Tok has shown and displayed comments to make sure they don’t have to go through unwanted comments. So you guys now have the opportunity to filter your comments.

Follow the steps below to filter your comments.

  • Click on “Privacy and Settings”
  • Click on “Privacy and Security”
  • Select “Filter Comments”
  • Click the toggle to enable > click “Add Keyword”
  • Select the keywords you want to filter and click “Done”

What story time and crops mean on TikTok:-

There are many Tik Tok users who are now taking over Twitter just to express their displeasure by seeing words like “story time” and “crop” in their comment section for no apparent reason.

Users commented words like “cropping” or “needs cropping” below the video in case they wanted to take some screenshots or screen recordings. The way they used to shoot videos was to make the tik-toker username visible.

Storytime is the most common word and has multiple uses on the web where users start telling their own stories. Tik Tok users started commenting on the phrase below the video, which they found funny.

Well, there are many other phrases that go viral on the internet, for which users can use them for the same purpose. Things have also become so annoying and frustrating for users.

Users frustrated with Crop and Storytime:-

“I’ll never be in a Tik-Tok comment again,” wrote one of the users.


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